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Pedicure Tutorial: Digging Out Hard To Reach Buildup Prior Ingrown Toenails That Causes Pain

This video is about Pedicure Tutorial: Digging Out Hard To Reach Buildup Prior Ingrown Toenails That Causes Pain. Thanks for joining me today or tonight as I …



  1. I love these videos. I am a registered nurse in the ER and on my breaks I watch these videos cause I find them so relaxing. Keep up the good work Lori.

  2. Love these videos, I find them very interesting, I'd love to do that for a living🙂

  3. Honestly though, you’re voice is so relaxing and easy to fall asleep to:)

  4. What is the name of that tool you are using, i need to get me one of those

  5. I like ur tools you use .. I do pedi too and I love it .. I need the right tools … where is ur shop located ? I have learned a lot from just watching ur posts …

  6. That's waaaaaay too much polish without it drying in between coats

  7. I love that u take care of people like that it's sexy 2 me and you keep your hands on point

  8. You sound like your on the ‘video killed the radio star’ song.

  9. I take a bit of my cat…and the other, not-'my' cat,and the dog,and the other dog,with me wherever I go,lol.I'd rather have pet hair on my clothes than no pets,and the lint roller is never where I can find it.😄

  10. I wished you used the sidewalk cleaner …you know, the one withe the hook! I love your vids!!!!

  11. Ooooo I like the nail color!

  12. Why are you not wearing gloves?!?!

  13. Does the client have toe nail fungus on the big toe?

  14. You need to wear gloves 😱😱😰😰

  15. Who else just immediately check their

  16. How much do you charged to do all of this?

  17. What was the oil out put on the toe nails after you put on the cuticle remover?

  18. Is the white sponge looking thing you use a little makeup sponge or a file?

  19. I tried to cut my toe nail as much as I could to avoid infection I’m not gonna remove the whole toe nail by a doctor no no no no honey I’m fucking scared

  20. Love love watching digging out hard skin videos. Lol

  21. I don’t have Instagram or Facebook so I don’t know how I’ll ever have a chance to win 😟😢 I have you tube and twitter only. I love and enjoy watching your videos and getting tips for myself and my husbands feet

  22. This is for people with the toe fetish

  23. I have learn so much in the last 24 hours. Thank you! I’m addicted to your channel now!

  24. Lori , you are simply the best .

  25. I watch your videos every night

  26. Lol, I'm here watching this at 12:46 am. hahahahah Thanks!

  27. I find myself talking to you during the video telling you to snip corners of nail that will help get the dead skin out! 😆😆 haha!

  28. Here I am again, watching before going to bed. On that note, good night, I've watched dozen of your videos already. Lol sweet dreams everyone.

  29. Hi Lori. I live in the UK and would so love a treatment from you, fancy a trip over the pond 😉
    Love your work. Im a new nail tech and I'm learning so much from you. Thank you

  30. Спасибо мне очень нравится ваше бережное отношение к ножкам даже нежное

  31. Really enjoy watching how much care you put into your clients feet. Good job! Thank you for sharing.

  32. I love watching your videos.

  33. Hey there! What is the solution you brush on before you buff the nail?

  34. Sometimes if I'm bored in class I'll take my mechanical pencil and get the gunk out from under my fingernails and nobody seems to care

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