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Nail Art For Short Nails | #ChipperNails (Giveaway Closed)

Like i had promised, here is a nail art tutorial for extremely short nails ..:D Thanks to my friend for letting me experiment on her nails. I love creating nail art videos …



  1. Hey guys, This is me from 2020 🙂 I hope you all are doing great. In case you are watching this now please take a few minutes out to check out my latest content? Its been 6yrs I'm not a kid who does such challenges anymore 😛 and if you do please do share your feedback <3

  2. Seriously so adorable!!! I'm so happy to actually have found a genuine video of REAL SHORT NAILS!! 👏👏 Thanks for sharing 🥰

  3. My nails is short because I bite it

  4. Even my daughter had short nails .
    This is the best nail art for my child

  5. This is a great tutorial. I keep my nails short because I play piano. Long nails + piano=sacrilege! My mom made me get long nails put on once and I literally pulled them off along with a layer of my nails. Long nails drive me crazy! If mine grow above my fingertips at all I have to trim them. I cant stand hearing the click clicks when I play piano!! Unfortunately us girls with short nails can't really do much with them. But where do you get the little polka dot tools? And can you suggest anything that would help protect my nails from the piano keys nicking up the polish. Top coat doesn't really protect them?

  6. I love these designs on short nails. Thank you!

  7. Theses are definitely my nails..


  8. Finally smeone understood me😔

  9. I also have small nail so please make more shots nails vedio

  10. My nails used to look like this because I would bite them but I broke my habit and my nail beds grew a lot and so did my free edge! They actually are very long now and hardly chip

  11. I like your nails 😍 ❤️

  12. Everyone on other short nail tutorials: “my nails are so short compared to this!”

    Everyone on this video: “and I thought I had short nails”

    Me: 🤦‍♀️

  13. It's looking like the nail art is done by a small kid of nursery

  14. I feel for your friend. I have the same problem. I have very small hands and fingernail beds. Looks cute what you did for her. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Finally someone with actually short nails

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