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How To File Your Nails | Almond, Oval & Squoval

READ THIS: – Grit: The lower the grit, the rougher the file. 100 grit is good for shaping acrylics, but 240 grit is good for shaping the natural nail. 180 is the lowest …



  1. Why people have yellowish nails? My are white

  2. This was extremely helpful!!! For the first time my nails look good! Thanks a lot <3

  3. where's my crooked finger gang at?


    Ok I am alone.

  4. I cut my fingernails using my teeth😎

  5. if you want to grow your nails shinny must watch this video its superb https://youtu.be/M1nPuUyaQxs

  6. My nails are only slightly thicker than paper and filing under the nail would probably cause them to break 😬

  7. Wow my nail became so so beautiful 😍 I love this file and I don't need to spend so much money 💰

  8. Turns out I've been shaping my nails wrong for years. Thank you!!

  9. Oof I am still so confused how to shape mine. Mine are kinda oval but sometimes also squarish and have very pointy corners 🙁

  10. You are the best!!!!! I have been trying to do this right for so long and because of you, my nails do not bother me anymore. I have recently stopped biting them and I think the reason why I bit them was because I had no idea how to maintain them where they would not bother me in my day to day tasks. Thank you!!

  11. Meanwhile me : *cuts nails with scissors *

  12. Camera angle could have been better. It was a bit hard to follow.

  13. Mine always ended up snapping at the corners once they get longish, i'm guessing i'm filing them wrong.

  14. First : have long beautiful nails

  15. Oh man I suck at filing and braiding and doing makeup I don't even think I'm a girl at this point 🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. Make sure you use a good nail file as this will make filing much easier. I highly recommend using a Glass Nail file which they make all kinds of different grits. The good ones are usually made in Czech republic and will last you for thousands of hours of use, not to mention they are also tempered so they are super heavy duty.
    Another advantage of using glass files is that you can go back and forward on your nails with them and it WON'T damage them like a regular nail file.
    MyNailMakeover.com offers some of the best files in the market and they also provide a lifetime warranty which covers the files even if they break. I've been using their files for years and even bought some for gifts.

    Other glass files of lesser quality are still much better than using emery boards or metal files, but will eventually wear out therefore still having to replace them.
    I've done hundreds of manicures using these files and I won't use anything else!

  17. fuck this imma just cut em off

  18. Well…m just gonna use the filer on my nail cutter

  19. Hey I using this https://amzn.to/2M39xFy nail drill and I'm super satisfied

  20. I like to file my nails when they have polish on, this reinforces them, but as long as they aren’t wet, you’re safe from damaging them (unless you use a file that’s too rough). It’s worth shelling out $ for a quality nail file, not a dollar store cheapie!!!

  21. Well right now i file them round since they are just barely getting long an have yet to peek over the edge of my fingers.and i only file in one direction with a glass file.

  22. Am I only the one who cringe when this touch my nails¿ 🥴🥴😖😖

  23. Sometimes I watch a YouTube video and it a actually changes my life in a subtle way (like a video I watched about how to cook chicken breast and now I always have soft and juicy but fully cooked chicken breast) now my nails will always look oval and not just random just from changing the angle that I file my nails

  24. Thank you for posting this clip. I'am a guy with long fingernails and toenails an i have a question what nail style should i prefer? Almond, oval or better squoval?

  25. Thank you! Much needed 🙂 now I can finger bae

  26. Was this video made with a potato😭

  27. at the end there are different types of nail polish deseignes my favorite nail is the nail polish styled like daisys

  28. This was extremely helpful. Thank you so much!

  29. If u want Ur nails to be super white avoid alot of polish

  30. I found this video helpful so I'm a new sub!

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