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Watch Me Work, Proper Professional Pedicure. ENG

We all can do luxurious pedicures to our clients like in the most expensive spas. Here is step by step how I do the pedicure to my customers. I hope you like this …



  1. Will this style of toenail cutting prevent ingrowns? Can you make a video on the prevention of ingrowns please?

  2. This pedicure reminds me of myself wanting to get a pedicure every 2-3 weeks. How long does your pedicures usually last before redoing them?

  3. How often is pedicure recommended?…

  4. Hi! Love your work ???? What do you use as a foot soak with your pedicures?

  5. Can I ask why you don’t use OPI Topcoat to go with the pink polish? X

  6. Great video. Why does this base coat prevent white spots over other base coats please?

  7. Muy bonito trabajo. ???? Muchas felicitaciones.???? Es una lastima que no se encuentre en California.???? Muchas Bendiciones.

  8. Proper pedicure as I have seen before with this color. Looks beautiful and pretty.

  9. I hope this person goes to a doctor because their toes look like they’re starting to club.

    Beautiful pedicure and excellent paint job! Is this considered a Brazilian pedicure due to the drill bit used?

  10. I always put the sandals or disposable flipflops on before polish.

  11. I don’t understand how her video gt AnY ???? down- Good Job!! ????

  12. Thank you for this great video! What do you add to the water for soaking the feet?

  13. How long do you let the polish dry before adding another coat?

  14. Esta nina que lindo te quedo ese pedicure.

  15. This deserved a subscribe. Thank you for the description box ????????????‍♀️

  16. Im just curious, how much coast this pedicure,? because i do everything same and it cost 15€,and you?

  17. Now this is a PEDICURE! ???????????????????????? Clean cuticles and NO polish on the cuticles or skin.

  18. Do you apply the callus remover first and after that do you buff ? Please need help !

  19. Also I love it ????. Looks so good

  20. That's a lot of poison LOL

    pls like????????????????

  21. Is it a good idea to file the nail after it’s been soaked?

  22. I’m a manicurist two .. love this video

  23. Great video, thank you for sharing

  24. Omg this video is so detailed, educative and exciting. Great job.

  25. You do pedi just like the Jamaicans and the polishing is just as amazing as well. I wish you were in my area.

  26. Enjoyed watching this. Thank you ????

  27. Never seen anyone use a drill to remove cuticle. Very clever!

  28. Finally a proper pedicure, thank you. Also thanks for the links to the tools and products you are using. Really nice work. Cheers!

  29. Do you recommend purchasing an LED light for drying regular nail polish? Mine look good until I go to bed and they have sheet marks in them. I do put a spray of suntan oil on the finished nail like they do at the salon to get you home but I get dings easily ruing the job leaving the salon. I want to buy my own tools and wondered if their is a certain brand you recommend. I would have paid to watch this video. Thank you for your generosity <3

  30. Thank you for this. I learned a lot. Love that color! A really beautiful job

  31. The callus remover do you soak it in water while it does its work?

  32. Hola,que buen video gracias por enseñarnos;cuánto es el tiempo que se debe tardar,para hacer el pedicure así?

  33. Beautiful work! But what about the hairy toe?

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