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  1. You know it wasn't actually the nails it was the glue

  2. (Everyone can grow there nails ) inspired me i have always been a nail biter and im now in the 36 day of my journey im so happy with the results i dont think i will ever bite them again thank you for the inspiration 💕💕💕💕💕

  3. I always keep my nails short so I have no clue why I'm here.

  4. My nails r just no..cracked flakey chipped short im 13 its kinda hard to try and fix my nails i personally hate my nails

  5. Her: Don't use nail polish
    me (I just painted my nails): Interesting

  6. Former life long nail biter, don't know how but stopped biting them suddenly last August… Since then I keep growing them out and cutting them once they get bothersome, hard to type nearly impossible to text etc… I cut them at the end of April and haven't done anything to them since, they are extremely bothersome now, not only do I have trouble typing and texting, it's not easy zipping my jeans or opening things I used to be able to open! Anyway, what brought me here is I have noticed the arch, or a curve that I have never noticed before, just trying to determine if this is normal, my nails sort of curve downwards, they are currently the longest that they have ever been and I'm not sure if this curve is normal or not and kind of scared myself searching the term "curved nails." I googled natural nails and that led me here, hoping to see whether or not the tips curve downward slightly, unfortunately I wasn't able to tell much from the video.

  7. Its been 4.6 years since i started my nail growth and also stopped applying nail paint and my nails are really strong and healthy and loonnnnggg

  8. Acrylic nails are damaging period.

  9. You should scrape off the cuticles not just push them back cuz but do not cut them!!!!

  10. Wow!! You have beautiful nails! I wish I had nails like yours!! My nails are very short. I'm a nail biter. It's a really bad habit. I wish that I could stop biting my nails. I was never a nail biter, until the last few years. What do you recommend on how I can stop buying my nails?? Any suggestions would be great! Thank you!! ❤

  11. Lets be honest everything shes saying is the opiste of the nail queen simply nailaogical pfft lmao

  12. Anyone ever have problems with vertical lines/ridges on nails and some nails that curl and/or are like flat on one side once they get long? Only thing I’m finding says clubbing so idk.

  13. What should I do if my nails won't stop peeling???? Not the nail polish, my nails!!!

  14. Ahhh seen that playboy in background… i got 1 too n im 28 who cares haha… love the nails care! My nails thin n soft… need get them back normal strong 😩

  15. Some tips and pointers: your nails do NOT need to breathe, the nail plate is not live tissue, it's dead and has no lungs. However they may need to rest and heal, that's not the same thing as "they need to breeathe" 🙂 And a tip I have for you is to moisturize both the eponychium and nailplate, as well as the hyponychium (the skin that holds your nailplate together with the nailbed under the free edge) with cuticle oil that's meant for the cuticles, not coconut oil as it has too big molecules to be able to penetrate in to the cuticles etc. And the reason why it's good to push back the cuticles is that the cuticle oil can penetrate through easier/better. Another tip I have for you nail polish to last better and look better is to do a basic manicure. Push back cuticles, scrape off all dead cuticle and non living tissue and you'll see that the polish lasts much longer 😊😊
    And also when you have weak damaged nails, it's better to have SOMETHING on them to protect them from water and get further damaged etc than to leave them bare, you can have a clear polish on so that you still can keep track and see what's going on. I don't mean to be rude or anything I just want to share my knowledge and give some tips and tricks 😊🌸💅🏻

  16. Nice to the point no messing about thanks x

  17. https://youtu.be/9Mn-5pWLErg

    Polish is very important it locks water out of ur nails and locks in oil Watch this video it’s so helpful

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