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Bitten Nails Transformation And Amazing Nail Design!

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  1. this comment section is kinda rude

  2. .nieumiejętnie pan robi..źle firma położone.zalane naskórka.itd

  3. Where it is? In which state or country

  4. I finally started growing out my nails and I feel so pretty I also started painting them it’s boosted my confidence

  5. 01.49
    That's so painful 😕

  6. I thought it was amazing how the tech took it from wtf, to wow, although l think a high gloss top coat would look better, but great job😌

    Yes, l saw the blood, and yes l saw the rust🤢🥴😵 hopefully it will be addressed!!!!!🙆🏽‍♀️

  7. bleeding cuticles, product stuck to the skin, uneven nails, wayyyyy to long for that nail bed,,,,where the hell did you get your certificate from?

  8. ha they look like proper pencils love it 🤗

  9. 12:38 umm exscuse me? He’s been so rough and rude by tapping so aggressively on the clients finger and he used the metal tool too! So unprofessional

  10. I really want to know if the pink part of your finger nails grow? Cause mine are so small and oval and some are wide if that makes sense
    Please I need to know 🙏🙏cause I see all these girls having long nails ( the pink part ) but almost all of them are old I mean 20 or so (I'm 16) so thought maybe my nails will grow up

  11. La cutícula quedo súper lastimada….

  12. Amazing…… Love from India… 🤗😍🤩😘Please reply

  13. Some of those comments are so negative!!!! Ladies!!! Are you a professional nail artist? If you have something to say, you want to point out anything you think is “more accurate” to do, can’t you say it kindly? Show your good heart please!!!

    Treat people the way you want to be treated, unless you enjoy all the negativities and harsh words!!

  14. Oh my gosh I can't type with fake nails on

  15. So beautiful, nails of my dreams ❤️

  16. I don’t bite my nails I bite off the skin on the side because it never bleeds and never painful

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