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Acrylic Nails Fullset For Beginners | Nails Step-by-Step | Acrylic Nails Tutorial

Items used: Nail drill and light: http://melodysusie.com?aff=65 Promo code: NATALI #10 Oval Kolinsky: http://alphabrushes.myshopify.com?aff=6 cuticle …



  1. Is the drill bet color gold i f urs is not but on amazon is gold is it the same?

  2. Does anyone know any good nail brushes ?

  3. Does anybody know if you can paint over acrylics with gel nail polish?

  4. So awesome, great technique

  5. What nail tips do you use?

  6. I love your nails they are pretty ????????

  7. GOD and JESUS bless everyone here????????Pray and Read Y’all Bibles✨Repent and Be Happy????????Love Y’all????

  8. जी मेरी काफी समझ आया जी

  9. Thank you for the great info and showing you doing all the nails so that we get a really good idea of how to apply, shape and finish the nails. seeing you do it over and over really helped me be able to see how to do it with out me having to rewind the video over and over.
    And I really like the music you chose, nice beat but it doesn't take over the video.

  10. Natali you good with nails I like how you do your client nails they look very good and pretty too ????????????

  11. Can u use a buffing block instead of a drill?

  12. ‘ this is gonna be my next skill , thank you a lot girly???????? .

  13. Can you please share the link to your site ?

  14. when u said not to leave the drill on the nail too long or else it’ll cause friction my first thought was: “oh so that’s why my nails always get hot”

  15. My new skill(ʕ•ᴥ•ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  16. Thanks dear for this video i was looking for someone to teach .

  17. How much would a full set cost if I went to the Chinese people?

  18. I'm struggling with the flooding on the cuticle area…aaaaah

  19. I love getting my nails done, I watched you do videos on here! I now got my stuff in the mail so time to practice!

  20. I need to start watching more of these videos cuz I want to buy me some cuz I need to learn so I can Byam so that I don’t have a waste of money

  21. This is my first time ever trying to do nails so this is a stupid question lol sorry! but is the liquid you use to wet/and pick up the acrylic powder called liquid monomer?

  22. Thanks for sharing. I'm a beginner. I literally bought a lot of products and just went for it but I never really watched a video on how to apply acrylic. I've done acrylic on myself twice and they actually didn't come out bad at all. I was curious on how to do it the right way, so thanks a lot for the tutorial. I think now I will be able to apply it much faster. Also, do you have any recommendations or can you share what you to do to prevent or get rid of the acrylic smell in your home.?

  23. By the end of quarantine I will be a nail tech a baker an equestrian a skater girl a dancer and I will have abs hourglass figure big butt and most important, GREAT NAILS????✌️????????

  24. I hope I do well, my left hand may be harder so I'm starting there

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