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????????Acrylic Nail Tutorial – How To Apply Acrylic For Beginners ????????

New to Acrylic or need a refresher? ???? Here at Kiara Sky and Glam and Glits, we love to educate on the products and industry we love! Follow this easy tutorial …



  1. What are the best tips?

  2. I enjoy this video the only part I would change is I wish I could see when you were wiping your brush on the nail versus getting more liquid

  3. does anyone know any good acrylic brushes??

  4. It is almost impossible to do this on my right hand.

  5. The nail artist's nails though ????????????

  6. Oh how I wish I could do my nails like that! I do them, but it takes forever to look good. My right hand is always weird since I’m right handed. ????

  7. Thanks am I subscribe you chanel your ve teaching skills is excellent lotes of love u from india

  8. Why haven’t clear layers been added when I spent $1000s!? The audacity. Thank you quarantine.

  9. Awesome, thanks for this video it's awesome and informative, EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR….you didn't go to fast or to slow… perfect for beginners like me 2 thumbs ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? up!!!!!! PERFECTO ????????????

  10. Imma need you to do my nails.please????

  11. Hi my love what hand file type did you use 100/180 to file?

  12. You did a really good job on the ladies nails and u helped me a lot now I can’t wait to do mine now that I know how????

  13. I'm just here to learn how to do my wife's nails

  14. She does beautiful work. Fast and sleek – no chunky acrylic here even with the multiple layers and encapsulation. Just say NO TO CHUNKY ACRYLIC.

  15. How do I get that product u use?

  16. Hey guys I found Some beautiful glitter here for our everyday look & crafts ???? https://etsy.me/390yUSz

  17. I came here to learn how to do my own nails

  18. GOD and JESUS bless everyone here????????Pray and Read Y’all Bibles✨Repent and Be Happy????????Love Y’all????

  19. How to do apply the nail tip like what do you use to apply it like nail glue or?

  20. Great content, very professional, thank you ma’am!

  21. Thanks for doing this bc imma start a nail business and I wanna be good at it but ik practice makes perfect????????????

  22. Anyone else get the heebee jeebees from removing the dead cuticle skin parts of this vid? I watch all kinds of morbid stuff. But out of everything I've seen. This of all videos. Has made me cringe. That hurt my nails just watching it. (Which i know it doesnt hurt. But for me the thought of it does.)

  23. From what I see most people do is tap three times gently to get the perfect beed but I’m only 12 so I don’t know nothing but just saying

  24. This looks so nice. She makes it look so easy lol those colors are ????????

  25. I don't get it?? Are you curing light in between??????????????

  26. Hi to put the top coat on last part no need to put in machine to dry or it well dry alone for acrylic powder

  27. Do I need a UV light for acrylic nails?

  28. What nail glue should I use?

  29. https://youtu.be/5vS3B8SKmJg

    Please subscribe to my youtube channel for simple recipes your support means alot to me

  30. looove it, this was very educational. I'm getting my own nail kit soon dancing emoji Thank you for the lesson

  31. This was the best one I've seen yet it exploded every thing

  32. my stuff coming in and people want me to do them nails but I don't even know how to do it they think it's for free haha very funny

  33. This video helped a lot, thanks

  34. What is she dipping the acrylic in? Water? What product is that

  35. wait what are you supposed to apply the acrylic with how does it stick on the nail

  36. You make it seem so easy..can’t wait until I’m that good

  37. For more info about Nail abnormalities and disease associated!
    watch this

  38. Ion even know why i looked this up..ik when i get the things imma mess up and give up????????

  39. Other people say not to drag the bead!!Thats not how you do it you have to tap on the powder

  40. https://www.facebook.com/groups/296452701563855/?ref=share if you are interested in nail strips( they are 100% nail polish that you can use on your real nail or acrylic, they last around 2 weeks and have no dry time!) So if your interested in buying some jojn this VIP Facebook group and the link is on there????


  42. she good at her work but ur not supposed to drag the brush, you tilt the brush alittle and dip in power 3×

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