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Professional nail treatment

MrTonail#NailCare#NailTreatment Professional nail treatment by Mr toenail Tool used(amazon):https://amzn.to/2sd4tYa Straightening Clip Curved: …



  1. 高,,,,, 刀真的很快, 如果修完後鏡頭還可以拉近一些 給我們看看 腳指甲裡有多深 更加精彩

  2. 請問你的地址是什麼

  3. You are super talented. Where is your nail office? I’d like to get a treatment from you!

  4. Is this done in a dr office or a nail salon?

  5. Hey Mr Toenail, good job as always. You look very comfortable in your shorts and sandals lol 🦶🏻

  6. The toe hair is too distracting, man

  7. I paused the video to go find wtf in my house was whistling kkkkkkk

  8. 今天的视频相比之前的,干净利索,一改往日拖泥带水,就像换了一个人。希望再接再厉。

  9. 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  10. I need ur help for my toes

  11. I like this type of treatment, but why are you using just this one tool?? Wouldn't it be easier to clean the sides with something smaller and less sharp?

  12. Burberry short..Hahahaha

  13. So hard to believe that all that crap can be under a nail!

  14. Those are some shorts you got there…

  15. 師傅

  16. Somebody please cut that toe hair!

  17. Omg plis help my toe😫

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