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Pedicure At Home [DIY] Hard Dead Skin Removal

How to do pedicure at home. DIY. Easy and affordable foot spa at home. A relaxing pedicure at home. Hard skin removal. Pamper your feet at home. I used.



  1. I subscribed because you did a great job and you don’t take negative comments from anyone 😊 I admire that !

  2. I always been so scared to use that shaver I always thought that the shaver will cut me but seeing your results I wanna give it a try

  3. Did you feet hurt after all the shaving I got one and I’m scared to go in because I’m scared I’ll over do it😭

  4. That little tool is amazing! I need this!!!! My feet are so bad right now!!!!

  5. This sounds so amsr but looks rlly disgusting

  6. Good and good luck support, the full duration of the red package has been shaky🙏😁🤠🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩Indonesia

  7. Do you… tickle your self?

  8. Hey.. it looks pretty nice way to remove dead skin.. can u pls share the detail of the shaver u used. From where did u get it?

  9. Satisfying to say the least

  10. This is very cool👍🏻

  11. It’s okay to give some constructive criticism but some of you complain over the dumbest things

  12. Where can I get that tool you are using

  13. Omg this musta scratched so good the parts that get that random unreachable dead skin itch. Omg 😱 9:30 onward

  14. Where is that first tool from? Or what is it called?

  15. Using this corn cutter having blade won't harm our feet na?
    Pls tell abt if it will have any harmful effect🤗

  16. Can you list all products used ?

  17. Got me scratching my foot and shit 😂😂😂

  18. Am i the only one who is disturbed when I see the dead skin being dropped on the floor??

  19. Mom keep telling me my feet looks like claws so I’m here

  20. Can you mention the links below, for tools you've used ? Especially the filer you've used.. black one with cover back side, , I need to purchase it

  21. How long do u soak for?

  22. What is the metal item? That peels the skin

  23. I’m scared to use that too.l, as a cocktail waitress can’t risk it …

  24. I just ordered a shaver, battery operated sanders r a waste of time. I'm guessing u need to be really careful. lol.

  25. Your feet should feel 5 pounds lighter all that skin you took off lol 🤣🤣 great job your feet look great 💖

  26. This was really nice

    I wear sandals a lot (which I think contributes to it)

    I'll have to shop for some of the stuff you used, a cheap option I've been using for now is sandpaper (it sounds weird maybe but it works)

  27. I have a thin layer of dead skin on some parts of my feet. I feel really embarrassed when I wear sandals. So…I need something that will shave it off, but be gentle to not cut my skin… 😅😅😅

  28. Man this vid is refreshing. And crispy lol. I'm a 27 yr old male, and my exes desperately always tried to get me to go get this kinda deal done to my feet…..now that I'm single, I might just now consider it lmao

  29. I don’t have a foot fetish, just looking for ways to improve my feet, unlike most of these commenters

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