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Learn How to do gel nails class for beginners

Step-by-step instructions.To prep the nail, use the buffer on 180 side of the buffer to buff the nail and remove the shine of the nail. Do not use anything too rough; …



  1. Those nails are perfect. I hate long nails that look fake., these are so natural looking👍🇬🇧

  2. Amazon gel nail polish cause air bubble. I shake it up and down and stop cause of air bubble

  3. This just helped me so much! On lock down, in quarantine & I ordered my light, ph bond & clear top coat. My manicure game definitely improved because of this video💚

  4. What did she use to remove the stickiness??? Regular nail polish remover?

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 🙂 I was totally over-curing on the base coat and had no idea why my nails were just peeling off, I didn't scrub it in either. I was wondering why my gels were so short lived before they came off. Also didn't know to cap the edge first thing either, seriously this is so helpful thank you! Sad part about me doing this to myself is that I can't pinch my own skin away 🙁 lol

  6. Are you advertising the lamp or what

  7. What did you use after filling and what did you brush on you didn't say

  8. How do you know when your gel is fully cured?

  9. Ive never heard of capping the free edge before applying all of the polish. Can you do that with any gel polish?

  10. So…what if have a regular led/uv light that's not awesome? lol.
    Is it 5 sec at 1st…..then 30 sec each coat of color?

  11. Best gel polish video very informative x xxx

  12. I love jewelry and your rings are GORGEOUS!!!!

  13. Is she marketing the lamp or doing a nail tutorial. Geez

  14. i have the mini sally hanse gel light i do two minutes because i use the red carpet polish is that okay?

  15. Is that girls name kapua? From Vegas?

  16. I have the Nail sensational led lamp and honestly it’s amazing it cures anything from, gelish, shellac, opi axxium.. hard gels anything in just seconds!! Also not to mention I didn’t pay hundreds of dollars for it only 24$

  17. I did my gel nails for the first time 10 days ago,and today one of them get chipped,it's normal ?..I really take care my hands at home..I use always gloves when I I do my dishes.thanks.

  18. Ur orange nails r sooo cute

  19. please how can i order gel product just learning how to do gel nails

  20. Um idk why but my gel polish isn't curing and I have a uv lamp so I was just wondering if anyone can help with that

  21. Y’all about someone who is an awesome teacher! This was great! I’m going to go home and redo my gel manicure!

  22. I have this lamp , spent over 400$ at cosmoprof for it & where I was having to unplug it over and over to change whether it was automatic or not , & it broke the inside prong thing and disconnected it … I had only had it for 4 months … So disappointed because it was the best lamp as far as curing went .

  23. What's the cleanser that you use?

  24. This lady did really good at explaining all the basics, Thank you so much. 🙂

  25. the problem I've had with gel top coat is that it burns my nails when I put it in the lamp. Is this normal? am I doing something wrong? how could I fix this?

  26. Great, thanks for the nice explanation! Did you do any kind of manicure before? I don't cut my cuticle and wouldn't like to start..but I am afraid that if I just push it, the polish will raise after a couple of days. This actually happened to me when I had it done in the salon without "proper" manicure before. The polish raised from the root of the nail 🙁 And I did a pedicure and same nail polish at the same time in the same salon and that lasted a long time..Any experience on this? Thanks a lot in advance! 😊

  27. people stop criticizing, your being nasty and ungrateful

  28. amazing tutorial lovely lady and good info

  29. During the process of gel polish and curing can you do nail art and is nail art gel polish or another type of paint?

  30. you need to learn how to clean the cuticles better..

  31. I would consider dishes normal wear and tear… I wear dish gloves with gel full sets and never have problems.

  32. But.. if it's possible to overcure, how do you do a french manicure? What I mean is, when you apply the white, you cure the white on the tip but you also "double cure" the pink/transparent on the remaining part of the nail. That's something that I'd want to understand better..

  33. I'm looking everyone and can't find troubleshooting for gel colour that fades/ changes colour. since there has been this new trend of colour changing/mood changing polish it's confusing my search results on Google and YouTube. what I'm really trying to find out is how to prevent light colours like tan nude white and cream to start fading into what appears to be dirty polish. I even tried using cnd shellac since they are known to be number one but the colour cream puff which is a white, starts turning nude or beige after a week or so. all I read online is that this is normal. so does that mean we just all accept this terrible flaw and just avoid light colours ? sounds kind of stupid tbh.

  34. so do you apply the base coat every time you do another layer of the red color? or just at the beginning and end?

  35. please do a powdered gel tutorial

  36. I love the orange polish the instructor has on! Thanks for posting this!

  37. You made it so easy, thanks! I just bought all the equipment, and I'm ready to go! Want to save the salon money. I'm launching a week's worth of exercise and menu videos on 1/9/17, so please check them out. Hugs to you!

  38. Awesome information, thanks for sharing

  39. So I have the basic kit with the small led light and the light is always the same amount of time does that just mean the foundation I need to leave it in the full amount or take it out sooner? Also I purchased a black gelish polish did everything normal and when I washed dishes it started to peel I don't know if I got a bad polish or what but that is the only polish I have had a problem with and I have over 20 polishes I don't get it

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