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How to GROW YOUR NAILS FAST*!!! (actually helpful information)

So ya wanna know the secret eh? Let’s hope I don’t break my nails after this ¯_(ツ)_/¯ My HOW TO ACTUALLY GROW YOUR NAILS video is finally here!



  1. THIS VIDEO IS LONGER THAN MY NAILS. Who's finding it helpful????

  2. My brother's nails grow like speed and mine are slow🥺

  3. I play the violin, so I always have nub nails. But I will sometimes paint them.

  4. Iv had issues with picking and biting my nails due to anxiety. I have polish to make my nails taste gross and I’ve painted my nails but I find myself picking the nail polish off and picking my nail off. So I don’t know what else to do lol.

  5. Me: has a Kalimba (needs nails to play)
    also me: has a violin (cant have nails or else it'll break the strings)
    Also me: has a piano (requested to not have nails)

    for any of you musicians, i think you see the problem

  6. can you only use jojoba oil or do you need vitamin E oil?

  7. if i don’t have jojoba oil, can i use castor oil?

  8. Hey Cristine please help me when my nails grow long they tend to have air bubbles in them what should i do?

  9. While i was WATCHING my nail grew back To normal :-: H. O. W.

  10. Could you come to the point a lil faster plz.?

  11. Put on this video thinking there is a substance that make no💅🏼

  12. After watching this video I got my nails to stop breaking every week then my brother tackled me and broke 3 of them off so I'm upset and it hurt and 🙁

  13. I am actually a nail biter and I decided to grow them and they looked really good and the I was in the shower and one of them broke so I had to cut all of them so it dint look wierd

  14. I was an ex nail biter but 1 week ago (stress maybe idk)
    I fucking bit my nail in my sleep
    I woke up in the middle of the night biting my nail

  15. My nails grow long-ish and then just give up and start growing out the sides of my fingers. Then the break, then I pick them cuz they get caught on things.

  16. I play violin, so I can only grow out my right hand.

  17. Mine keep breaking and I don’t notice idk how. But they still do? How do I fix this?Does anybody know how, anyone?

  18. Pro Tip: Reuse your empty skincare serum bottles as a nail oil refill bottle!

  19. What about taking a shower ? U have to wet ur nails

  20. Simply nailogical you’re so smart

  21. This is actually helpful information

  22. I rewatched this video just to listen to Christine sing Duck Nails again 😂😂😂

  23. me uses nail hardener 😳

  24. were you wearing contact lenses?

  25. Bruh my friend grows her nails in 2 weeks.

  26. I’m only here cuz my nails got to low

  27. This is so misleading it’s not actually jojoba oil mixed with vitamin e gel like she says it’s jojoba oil mixed with vitamin e oil now I’ve waisted nearly all my jojoba oil it won’t mix with gel I’ll probably have to throw it all down the drain 😤

  28. Cristine does sunflower oil work to please reply

  29. I love cristine sometimes I wish she was my parent

  30. Anyone not trying to grow their nails but they’re watching anyways?

  31. the girl in the salon: buffs my nails
    Me: wait… remembers cristines video
    Me: *OMG STOOOP*'

  32. cristine, it's my first year in sch and I had only met my new mates these past few weeks and they had all commented on how long my nails when we started talking to one another, thanks cristine, ah and corona

    im planning to only cut it when corona bids farewell, bless

  33. You can take iron tablets it's gotten to the point I hit my finger nails off things and they don't break when they were previously breaking I also found out I had a iron deficiency. Soo check your iron levels

  34. I started to do gel nails to prevent from my nails breaking (in spite of all Cristines suggestions how to make manicure last, regular nail polish doesn't last for more than 3d normally, 7d was my maximum), and since then I've started monitoring how fast my nails actually grow, and this last month it was a kicker, they grew 6mm in 30d, so basically to keep my nails reasonable length I have to get my nails done every 2w, and that's twice as often as I'd like to.
    So there's a negative for having your nails grow very fast (plus they're thin af)
    On the positive side: once slammed a heavy door on my fingernail, and it grew out completely in 2.5 months

  35. I do too much outdoor work to grow my nails long long but I just want then long enough to paint with some holo tacooooos

  36. When you're anxious all the time so you bite your nails even though you really want long nails that you can paint like cristine but you do it subconsciously and you can't stop…

  37. Look first of all… I am watching this because I played my uke for 8 hours straight today second GUYS HATE IR WHEN YOU HAVE LONG NAILS AND ITS JUST PLANE… DON'T DO THAT

  38. My nails keep cutting on the side so then Id have to clip them off. Idek what I did for that to happen-

  39. I got the Sally handsets nail strengthener and every time (only 3 times as a result) I've used it, my nails snapped

  40. This was in my recommend 2 years later 😂😂😂

  41. i feel like im the only one who doesn't bite their nails. i bite the skin near my finger but not my actual nail. they taste weird :(((

    also, my nails grow super fast. like in 2 months.

  42. My anger over nail strengtheners cannot be contained. They helped my nails recover from acrylics, but then ever since I’ve had breaky corners for five years. I’ve been LIED TO,

  43. Me: Realising she mentioned biting your nails.

    Me during the video: sat biting my nails still.

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