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How To File Different Nail Shapes-Almond, Stiletto, Coffin, Oval & Square

This is a video on how to file different nail shapes, almond, stiletto, coffin/ballerina, oval/round and square/squaroval.



  1. where do I get the same tips as yours??

  2. What nail filer is this that you use???

  3. I think the background was causing problem while watching🤷‍♀️

  4. My favorite nail shape is Almond but coffin is a close favorite followed by oval

  5. Let’s do fun
    Shoes glue and fake nails Hack idea on my account.. thank you 😘

  6. This is the best way someone has ever explained how to do the almond shape. I'm gonna try it this way when I do my nails again.

  7. I have watched SO MANY videos on how to shape my nails and never can get it, I do my own nails and Have never been able to get my shape right. But I stumbled across this video and THANK YOU SO MUCH for how you explained it!! I FINALLY got the shape exactly how I’ve always wanted!!

  8. Thank you for going straight to the point and properly explaining!

  9. Thank you for the great tips!

    The only thing I would add is to make sure and use a glass nail file as this will
    make filing much easier and they come is lots of different grits. The good ones are usually made in Czech republic and
    will last you for thousands of hours of use, not to mention they are also
    tempered so they are super heavy duty. Another advantage of using glass files
    is that you can go back and forward on natural nails with them and it WON'T damage
    them like a regular nail file.

    I bought some from Amazon before but MyNailMakeover.com offers some of the best files in the
    market and they also provide a lifetime warranty which covers the files even if
    they break. I've been using their files for years and even bought some for
    gifts. Other glass files of lesser quality are still much better than using emery boards or metal files,

    but will eventually wear out therefore still having to replace them.

    I've done hundreds of
    manicures using glass files and I won't use anything else!

  10. Mən Azərbaycanlıyam sənə sağol deyirəm, ona görə ki, dırnaqa forma verməyi sizə baxıb öyrəndim

  11. Tip for almonds, start them off really early. They will look awkward at first but it will be easier to shape as they grow out

  12. Immmmh are those real nails?????????¿???¿¿

  13. Great video wanted to know do you have a video of how you put a nail tip on and how to blend it in? Please and thank you have a good day.

  14. I always have trouble filing the free edge straight, they look straight but when I hold the client's hand up they're not. It's a serious issue with me I just cannot file square shaped nails. PLEEEASE HEEEEELP

  15. i loveee how your stiletto turned out but i’m afraid to do them myself because they’d up uneven and terrible 😂

  16. Can you do a video on what shape look good for that finger

  17. i like the almond one, which one do you like? hhehe

  18. My mom started this trend 40 years ago and her nails were real.

  19. I tried all shapes of nails exept the square oh i hate how the sides break and then i have to make all my nails shorter

  20. Appreciate the tip about angling the file to finger tip for the almond shape ! Will try this when I do my nails tomorrow

  21. I hear almond & oval are the strongest shape & least prone to breakage, hence longer nails in the future.

  22. To anyone who’s reading this to know if this tutorial is helpful, y’all this is the tutorial that was a 100% accurate. Like literally, I tried following so many tuts and messed up my nails several times but she explained it so accurately and to the point that I have the nail shape I’ve always wanted now!

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