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How To Do Acrylic Nails | Nails Step by Step | Acrylic Nails Tutorial

Product Consistency Practice Sheet https://youtu.be/10DOyt-8BJM Items used: #10 Oval Kolinsky: http://alphabrushes.myshopify.com?aff=6 hurry up …



  1. so when they need a fill and want to change the acrylic color do you sand as much down or do you do a whole new set?

  2. Cn you recommend me the basic needs..i cant afford all that plz?

  3. I love watching your videos they are so informative.im self taught and i just love doing my own nails. just have a question i have a hard time getting a sharp shape, i see that u usually dont add a small bead at the tip and i have the tendency to do that just for strenghth because i type a lot at work.would that make a difference?

  4. What nail tips do you use?

  5. This set is so perfect color shape consistency of the milky lookin white

  6. Nobody’s hiring me so imma work for myself. Imma do these acrylics on myself for a while. Then my family, and finally my friends and strangers. Somehow I will get this bag😂

  7. Aye natali I am a huge fan I looovvvveeee you so much and you inspired me to start nail art but I am having some difficulties right now and I am asking you for help….can you email me please at lilianncampbell@gmail.com or suzettebiggs93@gmail.com I am looking forward for your email …..I am just so optimistic and is awaiting your email God bless you and continue doing what you do best

  8. What drill piece do you use to remove old acrylic when your doing a refill?

  9. Those nails are so cute and your voice too.love ya ☺🤩

  10. This is such a helpful vidoe thankyou ❤️

  11. What could i use instead of the primer

  12. I literally have a deformed thumb like it’s crazy i can’t find any nail size that’s fits does anyone have tips? if you wanna know what my thumb looks like look up “megan fox thumb”😔 Help me

  13. lovee😍 i was wondering if u wanted to apply polish do u need a base coat before. if so what one do you recommend?

  14. Can you do step by step of taking acrylics off

  15. So ? Does it get hard from a LED lamps or something. Air dry. How long in either ? Very confused here

  16. What's the point of filing down the cuticle area

  17. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  18. hey! what is a cheaper version of primer and dehydrator? xx

  19. I love your videos!!! ✨✨✨ but pls, they are to long ):

  20. Does it matter what brand??? When it happened to be the same number?????

  21. I'm 13 and I'm trying to learn how to do nails, your video is really great and I hope I can succeed.

  22. do apply clear powder first and do u need a uv light for the top coat pls help

  23. How do you clean your brush? and keep it from getting full with acrylic?

  24. I’ve got all my materials n I’m so glad I came across your channel, I’m bout to start practicing, this COVID did some positive things n that is forcing me to take my crafts seriously b thanks to you I’m on top of it 🙌🏾👏🏾

  25. Also could you do a review on the other rechargeable Melody Susie I’m stuck on it I can’t get it off my Mind would love a review from you.

  26. Bought everything to do my own nails and uhhmmm I’m scared lOl

  27. Can you give us the number of the files 😩😩

  28. what kind of tips do you use? is your site still down?

  29. Dang… they better get ready to close nail salons cause we can do our own nails now during lockdown🤣🥰

  30. The link for the nail consistency doesn't work.😭

  31. Can you do a tutorial with full cover nail tips

  32. Can I use rubbing alcohol as monomer?

  33. Hi what monomer do u recommend that doesn’t smell strong

  34. What’s the name of the nail drill you got from melodysusie

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