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HOW TO CUT CUTICLES AT HOME | How I Use Cuticle Nippers!

have a lot of dead skin or cuticle but not confident in using nippers? here’s how I do it! Get 2 months free of Skillshare https://skl.sh/abetweene3 WARNING: …



  1. When my cuticles we’re getting too long I decided to just clip them with nail clippers :,)

  2. I did not cut my cuticule but i removed them with my fingers >:D

  3. I have no idea why I am watching this video as a man o_O

  4. Do you have some tips to recover from bitten nails?

  5. I watch one girl on the YouTube Masha create. She is awesome manicure master. You can take a look.

  6. Just leave your cuticles alone, and they won't be so knarley, like yours.

  7. This was soooo helpful!!! Thank you!

  8. E X T R E M E L Y informative! This is the first video of yours I'm seeing and I would just like to say that you are very punctual, have a clear and direct speaking voice, and have a very natural teaching/leading quality about yourself that makes understanding a breeze. Thank you for the absolute lesson! Pardon me while I go binge more of your content.

  9. I always had that translucent skin around my nails and i never knew i could trim it off! Thank you!

  10. Namaste

    As per astrology one must avoid Fridays and Saturdays and the 8th, 9th, 14th lunar

    days as well as New and Full Moon days.

    Cutting nails means

    discharge of electricity from the human body and one should be careful
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  11. Damn, men are so lucky for not caring about this stressful shit

  12. Hm i wonder is it ok for a male to do this

  13. Wonderful video. Very informative

  14. My whole stomach is twisting and turning I’m such a pussy 😂

  15. I love your videos, thank you so much! I can afford to get my nails done professionally but I don't want to, I'd rather just do it at home!

  16. I heve anxiety watching this. 😶

  17. This was really helpful, thanks sis

  18. I'm having actual heart palpitations. My mom used to do my nails like this, but I've never been able to do it myself.

  19. I am here because I went in and ruined my cuticles and nails and bled 🙁 schoolgirl errors. Thank you for this video!!!

  20. Best video….
    Excellent work…
    Keep it up …..

  21. Its really hard for me to do this because i have sweaty hands and the nipper slides on my hands. Also my hands are shaking. Luckily I nailed it earlier im so proud of myself.

  22. Hey there! I was just over at the other video searching comments to see if my question was asked/answered in the comments. Unfortunately it wasn’t, but I did find a link for this video. Honestly I just can’t read through another page full of comments again lol so: how long do I leave the mineral peel on my cuticle?

  23. Where is the mineral peel recipe?

  24. A+++ For informative content explained masterfully!

    I’ve got a bad habit of messing with my nails even when they don’t need it, but at least I know I’ve been cutting the right stuff based on this vid (though I do over do it sometimes and need to go in search for the medical kit 😣). I’m definitely trying out the sliding technique and using jojoba oil next time. 👍👍

  25. I like your video , Thanks . Love from India 😄

  26. Will lotion work as sub for the softener

  27. Do you wash your hands before after cutting cuticles before applying polishes

  28. Thanks for taking a few minutes to tell me that you're using a product i don't have. Most helpful.

  29. What if you're cuticles are stubborn and does not want to lift and allow you to cut them?

  30. I just scrape them off while washing my hands under hit water

  31. This is art! I’m gonna do my nails now I’m scared

  32. I hv nvr done dis before nd aftr watching dis my mind started feeling so mch pain in my nails 😂

  33. This is so informative, thank you!

  34. This is literally THE BEST video out there 🤍, Thankyou!

  35. Love love love this video. I felt like taking notes I learned so much. I appreciate you zoom in and pauses to really get a clear answer. Wow

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