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How to Apply Acrylic Nails for Beginners

Here at Kiara Sky and Glam and Glits our goal is to educate and inspire! This video is the first in our brand new series, Kiara Sky Nail University! This video goes …



  1. 3:58 both products name please?????

  2. هلووو ممكن احد يكلي شنو هاذا لي تحطة الجل

  3. I need to get the acrylic process down pack I got the rest

  4. But what do you use to glue the tips?

  5. What size brush or bristle do you use?

  6. I don’t mind watching the video BUT with a white back ground it’s hard to see you were placing the nail on

  7. I don’t know if it’s my acrylic powder or my acrylic liquid but my beat always sticks to my brush and it gets sticky really fast so I can’t really form it how i want it to be, so my nail is always uneven…does somebody has any tips?

  8. Do you need a lamp for this?

  9. Is the acrylic nail holding on to the real nail with no glue or was there glue applied? I see cutting and shapping of nail but no glue mentioned?

  10. Hello mam we should dry acrylic nail with the uv led rays?

  11. What do you use to glue the nails

  12. Hello I was wondering could I use the base coat for the primer hydration

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  14. What size is your nail brush?

  15. Can you tell me everything I need to do my own nails? Like everything the kit.

  16. I love how you did this tutorial, but honestly girl don't be so showy and smiley… Just be real… It looks a little forced and silly but everything else is A+!

  17. I’m confused as to how the numbers go to certain nails

  18. best video for beginners!!!!!

  19. I did my nails last week n my nails did not turn out like that could u please tell me what I did wrong

  20. White acrylic against a white background makes this incredibly hard to see what you're doing.

  21. This was great, thank you….I've just started with doing my own nails…..guess who is going to soak off and do it again 🙈

  22. If you don’t have an electric nail file can you just use a normal nail file?

  23. What is the thing called that you put the sanding band on?

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