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Doing My Own Acrylic Nails! | NAIL TUTORIAL

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  1. Mystic Blue is back in stock at nailhause.com

  2. Are you high on xanax or something lol??

  3. Where can I get the drill bit ur using?!!

  4. all of your stuff is sold out and im mad🥺

  5. pov your about to do your own nails so you youtube how to do it

  6. Have you tried the diamond nail buffers yet?

  7. What speed do you use your e file on?

  8. What speed do you use your e file on?

  9. Is it just me or does she sound like she’s about to cry

  10. um… music stolen from simplynailogical???

  11. I file and shape my nails tips before I put em on saves a lot of time and makes it easier to do nails on myself

  12. wow..how beautiful ! I am going to buy clear tips and try this… thank you for uploading how to do these nails….

  13. These nails girl are super super cute

  14. I like your videos and your nails

  15. Those turned out really nice.

  16. Hey luv when will your website have more of this product?

  17. where can i find the nail file

  18. What’s the top coat used for

  19. Intro wayyy too long sis lost me. I had to skip thru it

  20. I mean it's all in preference but I believe if you use the nail drill on the lowest setting it doesn't do its job properly. I DO NOT suggest it on a high spend but I'd say like for someone who likes it slow, on a 6,7,8 ish

  21. i skipped your intro because that's what i usually do when watching youtube vids but then once i heard u say that it took u 3 freakin hours to make it i went back and watched the whole thing because i felt bad.

  22. Very Beautiful. Thank you for showing us. 💋

  23. i know my nail techs know what i mean if ur a beginner you probably won’t get it LMFAOOO we get it .

  24. This gave me confidence to start doing nails, I always wanted to do them and hesitated. But this gives me more confidence! Thank you!

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  26. I still don’t know how to

  27. you used simply nailogicals intro music i-

  28. That bit is call a sciver bit. Not sure of the spelling.

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