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DIY Pedicure at Home! *feet transformation*

I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty This is how I like to do my own pedicures at home! All products are listed below. Thumbs up for more …




  2. Iewl her fingernails are way too long

  3. this why my girl toes taste delicious😋

  4. girlll u coulda had people pay for this vid and you would have got that BAGG

  5. holy shit its like grater for your legs😳

  6. My back problems said 👁👄👁

  7. Too bad I got gremlin toenails

  8. Who else thinks that Lisette should be a nail tech!!!!!!!!!!

  9. A little self care goes a long way – I go on and off but realized should try again. My foot care is nail trim and lotion and that’s good enough for most people, but you can always enjoy more care. Putting baby oil and socks on overnight for a few day’s does wonders for your scruffy heels trust me! For some weird reason I’ve been using witch hazel on my feet idk shouldn’t hurt! I don’t do long nails especially on hands bc it’s v unhygienic no matter how much you say you’re clean there’s germs underneath yuck! Thanks for the video. I need a cuticle tool

  10. Wow you did it really good. I really love how you take good care of you’re self and that’s really good 🌹

  11. Is it suppose to burn when under the uv light top coat I could only take like 5 seconds it stung and I got scared

  12. Her: we can not just paint the toes and walk out of the door
    Me: am i a joke to you?!

  13. why are your nails so long? that's kinda nasty

  14. My feet is the only thing I like about me 😭💀💀

  15. Deixar esse pé bonito e fácil ele já e maravilhoso lambia beijava ele todo amei seu pé parabens

  16. you got the most perfect toes😘😘

  17. Where do you buy that pink sponge from?

  18. wow nice work but, i dont care about my toes that much i just wash them and put them in socks bc toes are gross haha

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