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  1. What song is this? It’s so soothing and relaxing

  2. I have a ingrown toenail right now,I'm in constant pain

  3. You are doing the work of the Lord

  4. Can you do a pedicure on someone with dark, calluses on top of their toes? I think it’s more so hyperpigmentation but idk how to get rid of it. It looks like corns or something so I really don’t like it.

  5. I have destroyed part of my toe to remove that fudging NAIL!!!

  6. Yr pedicure videos are the best!!

  7. Cut them a little short but otherwise nice work.

  8. Help my parents said just leave till fluid fills it up then pop it with a needle
    Help I don’t wanna!

  9. How much it would cost to treat my ingrown nail? Thank you.

  10. May ask if how much needed to removed my ingrown nail? It's no hurting me…

  11. You don't know how painful is to have ingrown nails… Really… :'(

  12. He has super nice feet for a man! 👀👏🏼

  13. Just found your channel and I’m hooked! Who knew watching foot care could be so soothing 😃

  14. can ugive me all the names of all the tools u used please

  15. Wow on a scale on 0 to 10, 0 being a very VERY slight ingrown and 10 being it hurts even if it touch it this man has got a 1 and here I am sitting with an 11 😭

  16. I have nails like this and i normally just got a wood dowel and just pull the nail over the skin and cut it with these straight clippers i have. Oh my gosh it hurts so much pulling it over the skin but it feels so good once its out

  17. I would appreciate it sooo much if you did another ingrown toenail tutorial. This one is giving me an idea how to do it but I need more. Im trying to learn myself since I know how to do gel nails now but need to learn ingrown toe nail problems lol

  18. I want you to do my nails too! You are so good

  19. Me having to cut my toenails too short to attemp to keep the ingrown parts away but they still come but furthar down the skin…..

  20. Your feet others feet doesn’t matter! 🌟

  21. Hello everyone i have had nail probloms for the past year now. On my left foot i smashed my toe nail and had that completely removed! Last month on my right foot on the right side i had an ingrown and it was pussing. I had that ingrown removed. Now a few weeks later i have an ingrown on the same toe but on the other side. It is pussing and its swollen and im on vacation intill Friday and i dont know what to do! Any tips?!

  22. You can also share tips on how to clean the tools you use. Anyways, a nice video and thank you~

  23. Do you use cuticle remover? I didn't see you use any and that will make pushing the cuticles back alot easier.

  24. You're an excellent teacher.

  25. Thank you, It is very well presented and explained.

  26. Doesn't that hurt? (at the 3:30 mark in the video)

  27. You have a lovely voice. And are also very organized and detail-oriented. 👍

  28. Wish I had this stuff… I just stuffed a blanket in my mouth to bite on, got a bag of ice and tweezers and went for it
    Edit: Did I get it out? Yes. Did I curse? Yes. Was it painful? Of course. Hotel? Trivago.

  29. So satisfying but looks so painful

  30. 1 way to avoid ingrown toes nail is to keep the toe nail moisture, dry toes nail is another way people get nail fungus, clean your nails regularly (of course) cuticle oil is 1 way to moisture. I use to have ingrown toe nail years ago never went to the Dr. for that cause they weren't severe, and now I don't get ingrown toe nail anymore

  31. Plz watch out when you cut into the sides of your toes like that. If done incorrectly it can grow out and cause further damage and pain. If you get too close to the root it can cause permanent damage too. Be careful

  32. Thank you for this video 🙏 My nail is just like this.

  33. You are extremely professional, I love it! Are you sure you didn't go to school? Just reading and audio books! Amazing! 😇. And we jamming heeeyyy! I hope I don't scream when I do my ingrown caused by lose of toenail on my big toe CAUSED BY A OLD 1950s suitcase…smdh. moving to FLORIDA! Needless to say Daytona Beach stop @the boardwalk for me lol

  34. Where do you go or ask to get this done? Instead of a hospital where they give u scary shots 😭

  35. I have a question.. what to do if someone has like a lot of skin (hyponychium I think it’s called??) almost as long as the toe nail? My partner has so much of it, it doesn’t look normal to me tbh

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