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📐Shaping the Perfect Coffin Nail ⚰️ Nail Shape 101 ✨How to File Your Nails

It’s all about that shape Besties! You asked, and we delivered! Here is a Quick tutorial on how to make the perfect Coffin Shape for your next Mani!



  1. Can this be done on kinda short nails and then they'll later grow coffin shaped???

  2. Obrigada gostei das dicas apesar de não falar inglês 😘

  3. What Scissors did you use

  4. Love your videos but wish this helped lol. Can’t see a thing

  5. Where did you get that cuticle pusher from? What’s it called

  6. Bruh I can’t see it lmao

  7. Is it possible to shape the nail before you glue them on? (For people that do their own nails)

  8. What size brush are you using? Or what size would you prefer to use?

  9. Can u like change the background to a darker color maybe a black or dark blue??

  10. Does acrylic eat out your nails??
    In other words damage ??

  11. I love this!! So obsessed great video

  12. She used the wrong color background barely could see the nail

  13. The gel color look better than shellac.

  14. Im having trouble doing the nails to do the shapes and the three beads what can I do to make a perfect nails

  15. It's so hard to see with this background. Maybe I'm just annoying

  16. Omgggg I love your tutorials so much! I wish I could afford your products. I really want to try doing acrylic nails too. I'll try to save most of my money so that I can buy the needed tools. Lovelots from the Philippines!❤️❤️

  17. For some reason, my sides always look a little rounded no matter how straight I think I'm filling.

  18. do you think i could try this with my natural nails? they’re pretty long

  19. Been trying this shape for a period of time and still didn’t get it

  20. I'm so scared to do ..bz I'm doing it on my own nails .

  21. How do you shape a natural nail? You said in the video not to file the sides of natural nails. What do you do instead?

  22. How do i prevent the nail from becoming too curved?

  23. Needs a darker background

  24. Where did you get your tips?

  25. Can we get a darker background because it was a little hard to see the cutting and shaping❤️

  26. what sissors are you using to cut the nail ? any ive used has broke the false nail

  27. Where can I buy that knife to cut acrylic
    Thank u.

  28. Here cause the nail salon lady fucked me up 🤣

  29. Can someone please let me know where I can get these tip scissors please?

  30. Fantastic but please a darker background will do.Nice video though

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  32. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

    @alyssaaluzz on ig
    (Trying for the iPhone11) giveaway 😅

  33. My favorite shape 😍
    @adrianacibrian IG

  34. The only shape I know I think lol 🤣🤣🤣

  35. @elevatedeight IG



  36. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  37. Can’t see anything with the background

  38. This should have been done on a darker background because it’s hard to see what is being done.

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