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👣Satisfying Salon Pedicure Impacted Toenails ASMR👣

This video is about Satisfying Salon Pedicure Impacted Toenails ASMR. In today’s video, sit back and relax to some ASMR with a satisfying pedicure done at the …



  1. Just wanted to say that i live in Alexandria Va!!

  2. I love your videos but when you start filing up and down I cringe. I know you claim it doesn’t matter but I was taught that separates the layers of keratin that are laminated together…maybe different states teach different things.

  3. You are amazing! 3 months ago I happened to stumble across your videos and I have been hooked ever since. Your videos have taught me how to properly care for my feet and nails! I have bought the nail mycosis solution and plan on purchasing more products from you in the near future. Thank you so much for being such an awesome educator and being so knowledgeable!

  4. I your myself, so it is releaxe

  5. Damn that’s a lot of ads on this video girl! Tone it down with them 🙁 I love your videos though don’t get me wrong…just too many ads.

  6. Cadê as luvas??procedimentos de higiene zero

  7. Hello I love your videos but I recommend to put some gloves on even tho you wash your hands their can still be bacteria on them or even under your nails (:

  8. I love this channel but wayyy too many ads :/

  9. Gosh I wish you could do my pedicure 😩

  10. Omg! “It never dies!” 🤣🤣🌱

  11. Your videos are so relaxing. Thank you for your commitment.

  12. Do u ever get stuff on your bracelets? Or do you wash those at the end too when you’re washing your hands?

  13. Hi Lori! Love you videos as always. Wondering if toes, other than the big toe, can become ingrown? I’ve seen a lot of your clients with visible grooves in the skin when you cut their toenails. Is this a sign of ingrowns?

  14. This client has some of the prettiest shaped toenails. I love watching and listening to you Lori. The way you interact with your clients, you truely love working with people and honestly care about them. You can tell it in all that you do and say.. God Bless you my dear….you are a Very Special individual. Anyone who crosses your path is blessed.

  15. Ok…first time commenting..although i watch all ur videos..and my one comment right now is..I LoVe Person of Intrest too! AWEsome show..! 🤣🤣 (p.s love your work. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing)

  16. Lori! Person of Interest is my favorite show of all time too!! I knew we were meant to be for friends haha

  17. Another great video thank you.

  18. No pain when using my micosis.

  19. Hello im new to your channel I'm from the Philippines..

  20. I started watching your videos to help me go to sleep heh

  21. Do you have to rinse the cuticle remover after you apply? I saw one of your videos where you do a dry manicure.

  22. I love your videos! They have taught me so much and have helped me relax during this pandemic! Thank you!

  23. What do you put on the bottom of the feet with the brush before scraping them?

  24. I love “Person of Interest”! As well as Meticulous Manicurist!!!!

  25. My feet is sooo envy🥺🥺

  26. Love watching the YouTube videos! I’ve learned a lot about my own toenails. Watching the videos is also very relaxing for me!

  27. Love how you take great care of your clients, you really look out for them. I keep saying I wish we had more people like you in your profession. I just know that you go above and beyond for them, and I love that. I also shared your video to my Facebook page my friend. Keep up the amazing job you do♥️♥️♥️

  28. Thank you for posting! The relaxing sounds help me to sleep at night.

  29. I could feel when she was massaging her feet like they were mine lol it's so relaxing to watch I know it even more getting it done

  30. I don't know which pedicures I like seeing better, yours or the Hoof GP's? 😆

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