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♡ How to: Gelnails for Beginners

Hey Loves! I know that this is a veryyyyy long video, sorry about that! I wanted to make it in real time to that you can see how its really made and what I focus my …



  1. I really like your video and I love your accent. I'm Argentinian and I understood everything perfectly !

  2. Hello what is al the products that you used im this video

  3. How do you people with such long nails text, type or pick up things from the floor?

  4. That gel color is beautiful!! I’m new to your channel, but I’m thinking we like slot of the same colors already. Beautiful set.
    Your also very good at polishing nails.

  5. Tfs. You just reminded me that I need to order a new nail brush. Mine is too rough for my skin. 😭

  6. This is so useful! Thank you :))

  7. 4:06 noo dont use this tool. Its becomes dull quickly and its very easy to cut yourself especially as a beginner so its better to use nippers scissors or nail file
    6:45 you should always trim your nails as much as possibile when you put nail forms, your nails grow downwards and you put the form also downwards which should not happen, its just not correct, also, you didnt cut the form and it didnt reach your whole nail which may cause the construction of the nail to become weaker
    22:34 the c curve on the free edge is way too thick, it should have been filed with a round nail bit to make it thinner

  8. A very nice video — well done.😀

    My comment is just meant as a helpful, informative note to educate / to clear up a point of confusion which a large percentage of people have. Please read the following: ⤵️

    The CUTICLE is strictly the layer of reminant dead skin cells which are stuck to the NAIL SURFACE from where the EPONYCHIUM was once attached to the nail as new nail structure was being formed right below it. A cuticle layer remains attached to the nail as the nail plate grows (picture cooked-on food that's stuck to a pan and needs to be scrubbed off). The amount of cuticle (debris) differs from person to person, but whether it's imperceivable or heavy, cuticle material can be readily softened (or even "dissolved" [so to speak] by some cuticle removers) enough to be easily/GENTLY scrubbed, scraped, or filled away without damaging the vulnerable area right behind it, where new nail is growing/ being formed, just below the protective, crucial barrier line of EPONYCHIUM (WHICH MOST PEOPLE CALL THE CUTICLE in error).

    It's a COMMON MISTAKE for people TO REFER TO THE EPONYCHIUM AS BEING THE CUTICLE — just as you are doing here. It's surprising how often even trained nail techs get this confused or use the term improperly. THE CONCERN IS THAT with "CUTICLE REMOVAL" being a common term/goal, people don't usually realize they're being too aggressive and even a bit careless with an area they think is the cuticle and can therefore be rather aggressively handled in an effort to remove some of it — and it's then actually made quite vulnerable and prone to damage due to their actions. AND some damage can be long-term or even permanent, even effecting how the nail grows. Yikes!

    IT'S EASY AND BENEFICIAL to routinely REMOVE the CUTICLE tissue properly. The EPONYCHIUMS should be WELL MAINTAINED and KEPT MOISTURIZED, BUT IT'S OFTEN BETTER NOT TO ATTEMPT TRIMMING THEM unless you know exactly what you are doing and proceed with caution, because dead and living cells are side by side along the outermost edge of it.

    So, just to confirm: the cuticle is ONLY the now NON-LIVING TISSUE that ADHERES to the NAIL PLATE as it grows away from the eponychium. 💅 In the process of exposing/removing the cuticle during a manicure, the thin, leading edge of the eponychium — the old, now-dead cells portion of it — is made more obvious and accessible enough to allow the dead/dry cells line to be ever-so-carefully removed, too, BUT it's extremely easy to accidentally cross that thin line into living tissue, which then usually leads to tenderness, swelling, and even possibly to infection. So take care; go slow and deliberate.

    Also, please note: knowledge and skill are needed when working on the cuticle and the eponychium areas due to their immediate proximity to where the nail is being generated. EVEN SEEMINGLY SUBTLE MISHANDLING OF THESE AREAS (such as holding a drill bit at a wrong angle rather than being flush to the nailplate, and/or applying too much pressure with it) CAN LEAD TO PERMANENT DAMAGE WHERE THE NAIL IS GROWING FROM, CAUSING IRREVERSIBLE DEFORMATION OF THE NAIL. This fact is largely overlooked, not explained, or simply ignored.

    I've taken the time to explain all of this because I think it's just good to know. I hope this helps many people.😉

    Btw: I just searched the word "cuticle" on-line, and many sites came up. The site I happened to tap on and briefly glanced at (I've never seen the site before, & i don't know anything about them) — nailpro.com/cuticle-guide/ — looks like it explains the basics, and I noticed it displays a nice illustration, too. I presume the other sites provide the same/similar info.

  9. Thank you this will help a lot, I want to get into doing gel nails

  10. Your videos are so soothing to watch and your nails are so pretty!! xox

  11. These can only be purchased by nail technicians 🙁 are there any products like the simply blush gel that can be bought without being certified?

  12. Simply amazing !! I'M so in love with all you do all your videos and your way of work.. Im tunisian (north africa) and living in egypt first i want to say that i have never get trained i learned everything from you… And i'm a nail artisy for almost 4 years now… My only problem is that unfortunately we arabic ppl don't have such good quality of material i buy almost everything from aliexpress but i can't buy the en vogue gels and tops as its only restriced for américains and europeens wich makes me very sad if there are any good quality gel that you advice me to buy from aliexpress please tell me… Love u Jess

  13. Hi great video i love your nails. I need ylur reply to tell me if im doing something wrong because i have a 36w uv lamp but it doesn't bake the base coat and gell. But it bakes the polish and top coat i dont understand what's the problem here ? Any advice thanks🥰❤

  14. Thank you for showing us all of your prep steps – it was helpful

  15. I’m a new sub and also a nail tech. This was so relaxing I almost fell asleep xxx

  16. Your nails came out absolutely beautiful but I believe it's the wrong tittle for your video because the product are not for beginners and you used an e file also forms.

  17. When using the nail forms you are supposed to take the dot that comes out to the bottom of the form where it meets the nails free edge. It'll give more stability. If you look on YouTube "how to use nail forms" you'll see what I'm talking about. Hope this helps!

  18. I don't understand how this video does not have millions of views??? This is beyond perfect

  19. Please brush the first layer gel all over the nail, i'ts a better hold. :*

  20. What kind of ceramic bit do you use to remove your cuticle/dead skin! I would love to get rid of my cuticle clippers!

  21. I love this video, i like how you left it in real time I certainly can appreciate that.

  22. Beautiful set of gel nails as always 😍

  23. Hi, I was just wondering which e-file from AliExpress you’re using? Also does it take long to deliver?

  24. Does anyone here use hands for eating ?my nails are always yellow for turmeric in curry!

  25. Would you recommend using a slip or wet layer for beginners? I found that helps me so much, but I’ve never used this gel! Thanks for doing a slow beginners video very helpful

  26. I just wish this video wasn’t so out of focus

  27. I never did know what that 'nail fork' as I called it was for, I usually just use cutical nippers. This was a great video I learned a lot.


  29. Love the cuticle nipper you have. You make look so effert less 💜

  30. Beautiful, I’m so jealous of your filing skills.

  31. Can you tell us the name of the ceramic bit you used on your cuticles?

  32. I've been using gel for around 5 years, ever since I watched some of your older videos on doing gel nails. They gave me the courage to do them. You also got me into using an e-file, which I love and that's the only way I do my cuticles now. It never hurts to have a good refresher video on doing gel nails, especially by you! I loved every minute of it, thank you!

  33. Love love your videos. I actually bought EnVogue products b/c of you and I absolutely love them. Was wondering if maybe in the near future you can do a short video of how to take care of the gel brushes. I also do acrylic nails and I know that in order for my brush to stay in good condition I leave it with monomer. The bristles on my gel brushes are starting to open up and get all funky. Maybe you have something you do with your brushes that you can share with all of us. Thanks in advance!!!

  34. im confused you said you cleanse the nail right before applying topcoat because your envogue topcoat and madam glam gel polish don't go so well together???? have you not used envogue lac it in santorini sand as your gel polish??? am i missing something???

  35. Just found your channel and I am so happy I did. You explain everything very well and that’s what I needed

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