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The Basics of Acrylic Application

Hi Guys, In this video I am going back to basics. By that I mean I am going to show you guys how to pick up the perfect bead and also go into depth on how to …



  1. Sitting in my classroom (Nail School) watching your tutorial… ???? My teacher is sitting right across from me ???? Shame I paid $4000 to be in school for nails and I have to learn from Naio Nails in the UK on Youtube! Anyways thank you so much for helping!!!

  2. how many types of acrylic powders are there.. ive seen in one video a cover powder. is there some other type?

  3. What would be the best size brush for beginners to use while learning? I started with a #10 brush and feel like it’s not holding enough liquid for me to use the single bead method.

  4. hey, I was just wondering can you use a gel base coat underneath acrylic? the same way you can use a gel top coat after application

  5. After watching this I now know what I did wrong today in my acrylic class. The teacher didn't go this much into detail so I ruined my brush, clogged it all up with acrylic.

  6. Your so good,I'll keep coming here to learn more,thank you

  7. Does anyone know what size brush is used please?

  8. u explain it soooooo well thank u ????

  9. ???? Girls, just wanna have fun…” ????

  10. I love this video so much, I come back it it every now and then. I don’t even do nails besides my own

  11. I don’t even do nails and you make me want to learn lol.

  12. It is so ridicules the USA can just make us go take the test and not get ripe are money from somes of the schools are not teach good. We just loss are money Am so surpice you do so good… In USA some License coast a lot all depends the school we take… The only Class all people need is Sanitation witch will be best the same state of board make it.It will be more smart plus we can pay them to be more safe My opinion the will be the smart choice State board need to do. Is so many people so profecional bud they do not have the money to go school. And this is better then go to school I do wan to say many Thanks to Naio Nails for This gret Video

  13. I love you way to teach you are The best !!!!

  14. Ok but am I the only that noticed 10:26 she kept saying to drop it down to 70-80 degrees(for the bigger bead).. but that's more like a 15-20 degree angle…cause straight up is a 90degree angle. Or am I trippin?

  15. Thanks so much with this video.. I am learning from my mistakes

  16. You’re amazing. You’ve taught me so much.

  17. Thank you for you technic i am learning

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