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Step-By-Step Pedicure at HOME! | SAVE TIME + $$!

There are a ton of manicure videos on this channel, but this is my first PEDICURE video! I do my own toes 90% of the time and find that with the right tools …



  1. an actual at home pedicure that actually removes the dead skin rather than the fancy ones with rose petals

  2. She has beautiful feet 👍😊

  3. Such a babe ! I'm to muscular to reach feet so I have to pay but its so nice seeing this I have to say again

  4. I have so ugly feet I'm gonna try it hehe ❤️

  5. I love that inn top coat it’s my fav!

  6. Rather than coconut oil I would rather get a foot lotion, so it soaks up faster and you don't need to be uncomfortable in socks and moist feet for hours

  7. My nails are too small it seems like

  8. That colour is so prettyyy, i have no idea what im doinggg

  9. if you don''t mind me asking why do you never do gel on your toes?

  10. I cringed so badly when you put the cotton ball on your toe because I can't stand the feeling.

  11. Con que facilidad se corta las uñas. A mí da mucha dificultad. Gracias.

  12. Good video. However, I would suggest you show a foot soak first. I know you mentioned that you took a shower beforehand but a dry pedicure looks funky. Clean is sexy. We want to see nice soapy water and THEN a pedicure.

  13. i just bought that polish bc of this video and me and my mom loveee ittt

  14. lele lele nie ne znaevme inace arno so ni kaza kako se brisat nokti

  15. Pro tip: you could use a really slim makeup brush, maybe like an angled concealer brush, dip it in acetone and clean off the excess nail polish. It helps you get into those tiny nail edges easier

  16. I had both of my big toe nails break ..the freakin worse ! I love the square look

  17. Is there a reason you do the main maintenance on dry feet instead of soaking them? Or is that personal preference?

  18. How do you get the coconut oil to have a cream texture? I have one like the one in the video but it is stiff.

  19. Thank you tu all we need and where to get it.

  20. Cute toes, look after them

  21. Its hard to moisturize your feet if you have sweaty feet. I apply moisturizing oil on my feet and while im putting it the sweat just mixes up with the oil. Kinda annoying.

  22. At least you show how a real foot looks like I notice a lot of you tubers use filter and stuff 😂

  23. you posted this for free ??? girl get that bag

  24. Bit of advice for everyone (but u might already know this): its also good sometimes to just let your nails air out so they r not stripped of their natural coat

  25. My baby toe is MESSED UP bad :'(

  26. Based solely from your feet, you are Italian? Then the skin tone and just now I see the last name. Def Italian. Some nice feetures, too.

  27. Omg this video saved my life thank youuuu my toes are gonna look so good😂🙌🏽


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