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Shape Your Nails Perfectly Oval! | Tips, Tricks, and Nail Care!

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  1. Isn't anybody saying that the pink nails actually kinda stained the shaper

  2. Plzz tell me Im not the onlybone who doesn t know how to do there right hand , like just howw?

  3. Damn my nails are broad so it doesn't work

  4. I don't have nail shaper then what do I do? Is it possible with nail cutter?

  5. I like round shape nails ????

  6. How can I keep my nails strong?

  7. Not useful at all, couldn’t you just use a real human nails ? -_- these nails are already done

  8. Your nails is so pretty

  9. I can't moisturize my skin more than once a day……….it would be a mission impossible if I moisturize more than once……. Lol….????????????????????????????????????????

  10. Im i the only guy here? Lol i play guitar so why not keep them pretty while they are long

  11. What is instrument that r used to shape u r nails

  12. Acha sona mija koi name.bata ga j o ana pala Kia tha jo shape ka bolo rahi thi muja karitna na ha name bata da please koi

  13. It is soft side or rough side

  14. Me watching this after cutting my nails ????‍♀️

  15. I tried to do oval but my nails were so square that like 4 of them look square oval 🙁

  16. Who like this but haven't time to do it, hit like. ????

  17. Isn't the oval shape the ideal shape that's less prone to breakage, hence, longer nails in the long run or is that oval shape?

  18. Does anyone know what this background music is called?

  19. Wow, this really helped.

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