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Pedicure done by a Pedicurist

A relaxing pedicure done by a pedicurist in a spa and beauty salon Chi Asmr #manicureandpedicure #asmr #pedicure e-mail address: …



  1. Pedicure at the salon ????♥️

  2. this video is laughable too.

  3. the pedicurist so dayumm! beautiful

  4. That Blue File is pretty old has seen many toes!! REPLACE IT!!

  5. Hi thanks for this great video, can I ask if it’s best to use the callous remover blade on damp skin or dry?

    Thank you

  6. I dunno I feel depressed watching this lol

  7. I never gotten my toes done at a nail salon before , hopefully this week I will ! Looks comfortable

  8. I think she's doing a great job

  9. Sois vous faite le asmr correctement sois vous le faites plus vraiment ce asmr

  10. Chi, next time when you post great raw shit like this make sure you have the sound turned on. This was a waste of a great pedicure video. Don't let it happen again or I will give you a most excellent proper spanking.

  11. I wouldn't give him $1 for that job.

  12. Hope she sterilized her tools before she used them on her clients.

  13. she isnt doing that pedicure with her all… the work looks sloppy

  14. The model has nice long toes

  15. Did it tickle when you were having your feet scrubbed?

  16. Darn no polish that’s the best part, good pedicure

  17. Masdagem foi boa…já a cutilagem pessima.

  18. What?! Just a short spray with a bottle of ?? Blanco etiquette and the cutter is clean?! Ever heard about a fluid called Barbicide what kills all germs? And look at that file!! Grossed out I am! THAT is NOT a NEW FILE! And don't tell me that is a washable one… when a file looks like that… it needs to be replaced by a minimum of a month or more even!
    I seriously question the hygiene of this place!
    And the fact that the nails are clipped WAY to long… nope ma'am.

  19. All I hear is blowing noise.
    Or whatever noise that is.
    kinda shitty

  20. Wow. She’s goooood. I need to go have this done soon. Sooo relaxing…lucky you????

  21. So oddly satisfying ☺️ ????

  22. Love getting mani pedis. 🙂

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