Hey Beauties! It’s finally here! My updated Natural Nail Care Routine! This video has been highly requested, I hope you enjoy this video! Products used are …



  1. Quick question: how do you whiten nails? My nails are turning clear and I heard it’s from excess water… I want them nice and opaque and white. Any tips please?

  2. I'm just admiring your nails ????????????

  3. I allways repurpose any skincare product that I'm not happy with on my hand/nail care routine

  4. I love this video????

  5. Great video Jess, thanks so much! How do you do your pedi care? I would like to see that in a vid, thanks and see you in the next one…Ly! xx

  6. Great video! Ladies, I have to share a great product for salon nails you can do yourself at home – Modelønes Nail Dip Kit.

    My story: I enjoy doing my nails while having a glass of white wine. A little ‘Me Time.’ Love that!

    The problem is that regular store nail polish does not last (one day at best). It is time-consuming and very frustrating having to redo daily.

    SOLUTION: I have found the Modelønes nail dip kit. I tried it and loved it! Order now – try it out! It’s fun and easy. https://amzn.to/2RjfUHJ
    Really love this new dip kit as well – just purchased https://amzn.to/39w5LNv

    • Easy to use & fun
    • Fast drying
    • They last! 14 days on the first try
    • Save time with salon appointments
    • Save $$$
    • Kits come in a convenient pouch with everything you need to start

    An added advantage with this nail dip kit: you don’t have to worry about using your awkward hand (non-writing hand).

    Order now – try it out! It’s fun and easy. https://amzn.to/2RjfUHJ or https://amzn.to/2NEhodb
    Really love this new dip kit as well – just purchased https://amzn.to/39w5LNv

    Ladies, if I can do it so can you.

  7. Wow the nails are looking amazing

    Thank you for the relaxing video xx

  8. Love that tip for using that facial oil that broke you out as a cuticle oil!

  9. Thank you soo much for your help and your advice girl????????!!

  10. My nails have no hope lol.. I can't grow them out too long because I have one nail that bends on one side and I have trouble trying to figure out how to shape it so that it's not so obvious.. it's so annoying.. and my nails do peel as well

  11. I love Spa & Self-care videos & your hands look #Flawless #Young

    Can you do a feet routine as well.

    Thanks ????
    Stay safe, Stay Well, & Stay Glam Everyone ✌️ #Hugs&Kisses

  12. You have beautiful hands and with your gorgeous nails, no doubt you could be a hand modle!! Wonderful tutorial on your fingernail routine! Thanks so much Jess! Hugs to you and Honey girl. Do you ever do Honey's nails? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  13. So relaxing watching this! Thanks for doing this video. Have you tried Zoya’s new wide brush? Do you like it?

  14. Thank you for doing this video Jess. Sorry you broke your nail afterwards. I hope you’re doing better today. Sending love to you, your husband, Honey and your family

  15. Hi..You did such a wonderful job explaining each step..I'm going to try all those tips..❤ watching you!

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