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Nail Care Routine

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  1. my nails are fine,,, its just the wrinkles on my fingers that do be looking ugly

  2. Where did you get your ring.its so pretty

  3. Awesome stuff! Thanks a bunch

  4. If u do dishes, forget about trying this out lol.

  5. I’m not sure if someone already commented this (or similar) but something to note; be careful what you expose your nails to! Dish detergent, cleaning supplies, etc.. Wear gloves if you’re going on a cleaning spree!

  6. Don't do any of the stuff in this video it's so bad for your nails

  7. So relaxing to watch… such lovely video!

  8. ❤️ it! I also recently made a nail care video..Check out my YouTube channel about beauty/fashion I just started 3 weeks ago! I would truly appreciate any support! ????

  9. What’s the YouTuber that recommended the nail file??

  10. A long time i had problems with nails after using a nail oil i forgot about problem . Here is oil that i used hope it will help you too


  11. Okay but where can I get that eyeball ring?

  12. Have you watched holo taco

  13. Nice tutorial 🙂 I think there are so many ways to care nails…me also have my Routine.Well done ????

  14. my nails grow very long and pretty and are generally strong and i love them but i always cut them for martial arts and also i'm gay (ikyk)

  15. I just what say that your nail are BOOTFULL♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  16. Now that I've started to take care of my nails more (healthiest/longest the've ever been) I NEEDED TO SEE THIS I'm def going to cop your recommendations & see how they go for me, thanks anna!!!

  17. Do you have any advice for extreme nail biters? The only time I can stop biting is when I get acrylics ????

  18. whats the point of pushing back the cuticles if your not doing acrylic???thats a waist of time.

  19. I get compliments on my nails all the time! We actually have very similar nails and hands lol I need to get better at filing them into that perfect shape.
    Also, I can grow my nails really long and fast… but my hair grows slowwwww so slow. Ugh

  20. Che unghie fantastiche!!
    Hai mai pensato a un video asmr tapping con le tue unghie lunghe naturali?
    Sarebbe perfetto…..un video tappi g dove si vedono mani e viso.
    Visto che sei anche molto molto carina.

  21. I take 30 minutes to get my nails done.

  22. I use to file my nails to give them a square-rect look because I used to give it the stiletto look but every time they grew I had to reshape them. With the shape I give them now, if one nails snaps, I just file it a little bit shorter

  23. In case you guys were interested, instead of the Orly nail defense, you can just use Sally Hansen Strong as Nails, it’s a lot cheaper and it literally has the exact same ingredients…. saved me like $5 lol

  24. I need to try this???????? Thank you!

  25. 0:01 immediately turned off the video????

  26. Where did you get your cuticle pusher? It’s super nice!

  27. Ella and milla nail nutrition polish is the shit

  28. Colour essence nail polish remover available at Amazon

  29. Instead of buffing to get rid of the ridges there is a product made to fill in the ridges it's very similar to a base coat, that should help keep your nails strong and prevent breakage.

  30. Just wanted to share this for anyone who was interested, but I used to have very weak nails that would split super easily and they wouldn’t grow very long because they’d immediately break, but then I started taking prenatal vitamins and it’s been about a little over a month and my nails have already grown pretty long and they’re actually soooo much stronger, so idk just thought that might be helpful to some of y’all! :))

  31. Zoya remover bit pricey very nice and hydrating

  32. How can you grow your nails quickly and strongly with the help of Natural things.
    Visit website

  33. Please don’t buff your nails. If you have ridges in your nails use a ridge filling base coat. If you have yellowing on your nails it is ok. If you really want it gone you can use a baseocat that stops yellowing nails. For the ridge filling basecoat I recommend Orly’s ridge filling basecoat

  34. Ella + Mila Soy Nail Polish Remover is a Vitamin-enriched soy nail polish remover with lavender essential oil also it is a vegan product, free of animal products, animal cruelty-free, PeTA-certified. It doesn't have acetone but it works like acetone to me. I got it at target for about $11.

  35. Sometimes nail strengtheners make the nails too hard which causes them to snap easily, maybe that’s why your nails broke?

  36. I just know her heart aches when one of her nails breaks

  37. i don’t like growing my nails long usually somehow having longer acrylics feels better and like they’re more “sturdy” LOL that’s a really relaxing to watch routine tho hehe

  38. Olive oil is best thing for nails ❤️

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