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Nail Care Routine | How to Get Healthy Nails

Hello everybody! It’s Lacquer Lover. Sorry I didn’t post a video early. I was gonna get it up on Monday but my family was too loud. Then I tried yesterday and my …



  1. Do have any tips for growing your nails fast

  2. Wow her natural nail is so beautiful????

  3. Great video! I still use oil on my cuticles. Usually I use oil pens and that way I dont get oil everywhere

  4. I love ur manicure in the beginning ????

  5. U have got yellow nails Nd it really looks beautiful it suits u

  6. Girlll if I was you I would never paint my nails (i don’t paint them in general but I’m just trying to say you don’t need ittt????)

  7. I find that using Vaseline or Aquaphor does the same effect of any cuticle cream or oil!

  8. Omg I'm so jealous of your nail beds!????

  9. Ohhh shit loving the Kim Namjoon Love Huehue????

  10. is it just me…. or when she takes out the nail polish….it's oddly satisfying??

  11. She reminds me of that friend in school who would always scratch me bY AcCiDEnT

  12. ok but love that background music????????????iu needs to release new music

  13. Simplynailogical will be proud for using that UNT peel of base coat

  14. Omg yes "Love" I dead thought my ARMY brain was hallucinating for a second lmao

  15. How do you get your peel off to last a week!? I have unt and it peels the next day!
    Even when I wrap the tip.

  16. Does that kind of paint affect your nails ? If it doesn’t please make a video doing your nails with that kind of polish ????

  17. Your nails are so healthy and beautiful! Do you use any treatments to make them healthy? Certain base coats?

  18. Does a peel off base coat create ridges over timr

  19. I just got into your channel because of Animo, but this helped so much because I love to do my nails and I needed to make my nails healthy again!!!

  20. So I just randomly came across your channel as i search for nail care routines and oml you like k-related things I noticed the nature republic item you had and the background music hehe ^^ great video I've subscribed

  21. My god! U also save ur peelies!????????

  22. I am late!!! Sorry!! Ohh this will help me a lot =3

  23. Your natural nails are so nice omg! I have really deep ridged nails so I use gels and other “artificial” things on my nails, and it works really well but it definitely does damage your nails if you’re not careful (I wasn’t careful haha). Thank you for this video! It was suuuper helpful ????????✨????????????

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