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Nail Care Hacks EVERYONE Should Know!

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  1. Which of these nail care tips will you try? ????????
    All the products used in this video are linked in the description box ????????

  2. I have a question:
    How can we remove yellowish thing from our nails
    Plz reply

  3. Awesome
    Thanks for the hacks

  4. You all should check out this Summer Bop: https://youtu.be/yXZCzFvs1tw
    Trust me it's worth checking out!

  5. My brothers nail beds are soo good but he has short nails bc he bites them and my nail beds are soo small ???? any tips to make them longer ?

  6. You shouldn’t cut or kill your cuticles. The cuticles keep your nails from getting infected

  7. I would bite my nails 24/7 but then i stopped and started growing them they got really long and pretty and strong ????????

  8. My nails are long, but THIN. Their so weak.

  9. The only thing I do to make my long nails look clean and pretty is to remove the dirt inside my nails and heat my nails into the smoke of boiling water…

  10. Can I use body lotion as hand cream? – Kate

  11. These are amazing hacks

  12. The problem is that I absentmindedly press on my nails which makes them crack and then I rip them

  13. I Have baby sized nails beds.. AND I BITE THEM????????????????????

  14. I wish I had those nails they are amazing

  15. Can someone just tell my how to grow my damn nail beds???????????? please

  16. Only thing I have is tap water

  17. What if… I bite my nails… and my cuticles are all… messed up.

  18. i would NEVER even get my nails to grow. it's a problem for nail-biting habits. i can't really stop- ;-;

  19. How many times a week do you do this?

  20. She: hey I'm Hannah
    Me: oh, what tape is this

  21. I ironically watch this cause I have hand fetish

  22. I wonder how long her nails got after this

  23. I can’t do this my nails are literally rectangles

  24. Me thinking I have long nails. WAKES UP FROM A DREAM

  25. If you always wash dishes just forget about this

  26. For everyone saying Long nails are gross… trust me … dirt gets stuck under short nails easier compared to long nails ….

  27. Am i the only one who came down to see if it actually worked???

  28. i love how she is so calm

  29. Everytime my nails get longer they disappear cause i bite them

  30. I don't have any nails (cause I bite em):)

  31. Me does nothing & wishes for hands like this !!

  32. Me watching in Quarantine 2020 & thinking "I dont have any of these products at home except warm water ".

  33. When is best to apply the keratin treatment?

  34. I cant do anything like this


  35. where are this materials provide we canna having this all material . who agree with me

  36. Mera nel bahut chhota h mujhe bara karna h kaise hoga

  37. Those nails the godly!????

  38. I have use many tricks but my nails is not growing

  39. I don't like long nails.. Looks bad an unhygienic lol????????

  40. i just took off my sns for the first time in a few years and my nails are pretty thin now any tips??

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