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How To Shape Your Nails

It’s fun to try out a New Shape for your Nails. Suzie displays the best technique for reshaping your existing Nail Shape to a New Shape. Four of the most popular …



  1. What a great video!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  2. Can you use the efile on regular nails?

  3. Which paint do you recommend to make art designs on nails? Can you add the link? I bought an acrylic paint that was supposed to be for nails but it dries to fast.

  4. I usually file my natural nails to squroval because almond nails I find take longer to file and cause breakage and square nails I end up getting stabbing myself a lot, and my index fingers grows so fast compared to my other finger nails

  5. Someone really said men shouldn’t wear nails and should be rugged and not be afraid to get dirty I- sorry I didn’t know we were living in the 19th century ????

  6. Oh lady u can use nail cutter

  7. Is it just me that has a problem with square? The corners always get caught on material and rip my nails????

  8. Are you using a flip cylinder?

  9. mom how to shape natural nails

  10. I’ve never heard of scround in Australia.. I’ve been getting my nails done in Australia for over 20 years and I’ve only ever said square round please ????

  11. I wish you could be my nail tech lol.

  12. OW, I melted when she said "She or He". Cute!

  13. I love this sqar shape and nice video …..your look do gorgeous…

  14. Accidentally landed on your videos and even though I don’t do nails, it’s interesting to watch what an art being a nail tech is!! Would love to know what it’s like though one day..

  15. It would be helpful if the close ups were a bit more time and angles

  16. I really like the scround or squoval for my nails the best

  17. Love your videos and how you explain everything

  18. 3 years later…everyone loves stilettos

  19. What in the world All beta SJW crap is thanking her for inclusiveness

  20. Suzi, girl get a new file!

  21. Nail shapes are like figuring out your sexuality.
    You have to try different things to see what you prefer

  22. Suzie i just love your voice its so nice how!!!

  23. Great info but seriously that drill sound made me not want to watch it..

  24. Who did the Dutch translation for the title? It’s wrong

  25. @Suzie pls make a light Coffin Sqround nail????

  26. Is it just me or does she look like Louisa from Jane the virgin

  27. Wow! You are amazing and I am so happy I found your video! Thank you for posting!

  28. When u are using your e file it would be nice to say what type of bit you are using please

  29. Why do people keep commenting on how she corrected herself

  30. Oh my God. How will my nerves ever bear the screeching of my nails like that! Eeeeeeeeeewww my OCD not taking that!

  31. I have naturally sqround nails!
    I've always called them squoval, though. ????

  32. Your hairstyle is mind blowing ????????????

  33. 80% thank u for saying he or she
    20% i like you’re voice

  34. I hate the drilling sound, It makes me remember of the dental clinic ????

  35. In the US we call it squoval instead of sqound

  36. I want to be your client ☹️????♥️

  37. I prefer the name ballerina, after the toe box of the pointe shoe. Did you know there are different shapes of toe boxes depending on the shape of the foot? http://www15.plala.or.jp/miagolare/Eng_Fitting_Chart.html

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