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How To Shape Nails And File Your Nails Squared, Coffin, Ballerina, Almond And Rounded




  1. Natali , Thanks, is so education on nails, Iam learned so much from you, honey, thanks. Love your videos.

  2. I been watching you’re videos to practice’ thank you thank you super helpful ????♥️

  3. Thanks for this video this is the best video i have found for learning how to shape nails great job ! I definitely struggle with shaping nails just starting out and this definitely will help me ??

  4. My sister has the same practice hand, I’m asking her for it! She said that yes! Now I’m can watch ur vids while doing the practice hands nails!

  5. I bought this and the nails don’t stay what do you recommend for me to do

  6. I love your work dear.ls Natalia where can we buy a nail trainer ?

  7. Thank you!!!! I needed this tutorial

  8. looks like youre using a straight nail clipper the one i have is curved

  9. This was very helpful because I didn't know the difference between a lot of the nail shapes

  10. This help me out a lot thank you so much for this ??

  11. I did a ballerina shape for the first time today and you are a lifesaver!! My nails look so nice and I LOVE THEM ?

  12. I’m watching your video to learn do nails and I feel like I can do them because of you. We are friends so you know that ❣️ lol

  13. Time stamp
    Squared : 10:28
    Coffin : 12:52
    Stiletto: 15:00
    Coffin (her way ) : 16:28
    Almond : 17:39

  14. Girlll I did my nails but they turn out bad I struggle a lot when I do the shapes

  15. Really the best! Helping me so much! ??

  16. I love your video! Thank you so much for the help and I can’t wait to try these out!

  17. Where did you get the nail tips from?

  18. So I just start self teaching about a week ago I know that hasn’t been that long but I didn’t realize how hard it was going to be for me to learn how to shape nails is this a normal struggle

  19. Doing nails with nails on get it gurl??

  20. Yes I really enjoyed watching your this video you were detailed in your explanation with little error as you were explaining 5 stars ✨⭐️? ???

  21. All of my supplies are almost here i got half of what i need I’m so excited!!!! I will definitely notify you when i make my first post !

  22. Bro my fckn nail guy,yea he said he didn’t need to cutt my nails before putting on the tips,but my real nails were real long,and he just put fckn tips on em!! Ugghhhh I paid like 55$ for it and it was trashy!!!

  23. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! You are so talented! ❤️ Keep up the great work. ??

  24. u look like lexi from tiktok

  25. Thank you so much for this, it’s helped me ALOT

  26. I’m not certified, but this helped me do much! Thank you!

  27. I’m up late and watching this ❤️?.
    All them are perfect ??

  28. where did she get her tips ?

  29. My teacher is teaching how to do nails so i can get an idea this helps alot i love those shape

  30. What type of nail clipper-the one where you clipped all the nails to make even?

  31. This was so helpful!!! Thank u

  32. So would your coffin be the same a tapered square?

  33. THANK U ? I'm going to try and do my own nails Friday. Well I already have them on just need a refill. Thanks for all your tips???☺

  34. Thanks a million for this video, ❤️

  35. What nail tips do u use cause I can’t find the right ones

  36. my mom just bought me a big acrylic nail kit for christmas and I'm learning how to do acrylics and it's a bit hard when I'm filing the nails and adding the acrylic powder and drilling the acrylic powder down

  37. You’re really good at this!!! It was like ASMR???

  38. I think ballerina and almond are my favorites!

  39. Where do you purchase nail tips? I can never order or find ones that fit right

  40. I have the same file as you, thank you! This helped a lot.

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