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How to Shape and File your Nails ???? Almond, Stilletto, Coffin and Square look

This in-depth video goes over how to create the perfect shape for your nail enhancements. Everything you need to know from where to cut and trim and how to …



  1. Coffin and ballerina are not the same nail shape.

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  3. Her nails were pretty to begin with

  4. im doing this with my real nails ty????????

  5. Im 14 and did this and wow this video really made me do my nails PERFECT FOR THE FIRST TIME! Thank you. Your video has good quality with a good precise explanation.

  6. Are we not going to address the client bleeding after the coffin shaping? Yikes

  7. Do you do your nails by your self

  8. What grit is the sanding bands?

  9. what glue would you reccomend??

  10. im a coffin shape girl but she filled it in to much…

  11. I love the Almond shape glade to see how to shape them ???? and I’m the smallest of me and my two sisters but I’m next to the oldest ???????????? I’m 4’10 ????????????‍♀️

  12. I watch this video so much because she just shapes them so precisely gorgeous

  13. What grit file do you use to file to the coffin shape please?

  14. Can we just go stiletto and then file the top

  15. It really helped since it is quarantine time

  16. Why is the left side always hard to trim with the scissors?????

  17. why does my nail artist do square when i ask for coffin smh

  18. Where do you get your nail tips from?

  19. Those redbottom looking nails thoooo???????????? loveeeee

  20. Her nails looks so good ????

  21. This definitely helped ❤️❤️

  22. What nail tips are you using??

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