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How to prep your nails – Tutorial – BACK TO THE BASICS

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  1. Omg I use cuticle remover and I normally don’t tell my clients To wash their hands after, just because I file their nails and prep after I’ve applied so. But do u think it could be a reason for nails popping off / lifting or not adhering properly? If the client doesn’t thoroughly wash their hands after having cuticle remover??? pls respond! Thank you so much

  2. How does one keep the part under the nail from turning yellow, or how do I get it to stay white?

  3. I love my nails short and square. That's how they are right now 🙂

  4. My cuticle thingys need to be cut and my teeth don't work, so I looking for directions on how to use these wire/cuticle cutters but that music everyone uses drove me away.

  5. Lazy lazy lazy .. that’s all ??

  6. Run team with he and BC Hugh

  7. Why is she sawing the nails back and forth with the file?

  8. Just and observation. As your record your videos, we can see under your nails and you can see the nail polish and your natural nails. Why not paint under your nails so these can look…. cleaner? But I enjoy your videos!

  9. Honestly no nail salon does nail care/prep they just slap on the fake nails nowadays and even have the nerve to wanna cut your nails all the way down to make their jobs easier. If anyone knows a nail salon who does nail care like this In Chicago please reply!

  10. U shoudnt cut her cuticles!

  11. Omg I love your method! I'm a student and I always to educate myself especially when it comes to a manicure and yours are by far the best! Thank you! I will start doing this method instead!♥️♥️♥️♥️????????????????

  12. I like your nail polish. What is the name and brand of that?☺


  14. Lol all the people here bitching about filing and cuticle shit. Yet her client keeps coming back and is obviously happy. Like sure she wouldn't if she were jacking her nails up.

    Remember, not everything you learn in school right or true. Think back to elementary/middle/high school. Can't you ever think of a teachers were wrong.

    Plus why even bitch. Stay on your lane and keep doing what you do and leave this girl who's trying to help people alone xD

  15. Do you ever use an efile for prepping cuticles?

  16. You left a big chunk of cuticle behind on the thumb!!!

  17. Definitely informative. I went through like 20 videos and yours was perfect to what I was looking for.

  18. Who ever got negative comments & can do it better post yours you want cause your jealous

  19. seems like you haven't heard of filing nails in one direction , ?

  20. Im a guy n also want to hv it LoL …saw client so relaxing , finger massage like hamster ????

  21. i didn’t notice the manicurist’s nails until halfway through the video and now i cant stop looking at them ???????? woah

  22. Could you tell me how long does it take for you to do the nail prep, please? Thank you for making this video it's really helpful ♡

  23. You don’t add cuticle softener and soak in water for no chip manicures?

  24. This is great. So nice to see someone who isnt skin clipper crazy. At the nail salon, Im always telling the girl dont cut my skin. But they r rushing and cut everything along with the cuticle. Even the skin around the nail! They constantly cut the skin anyway and then I get up and leave angry as hell Its so frustrating bc. in a couple of days the skin peels back and I have to clip them off.

  25. I’m now learning nails and this is what I was taught

  26. So I’m in school t o be a cosmetologist , and was taught during a manicure to not go back and forth. It will break up the layers in the nail causing them to chip…..?????

  27. I can say I learn more from this video than from my teacher. Thank you!

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