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How to grow LONG & STRONG nails (long nail care routine)

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  1. For anyone that thinks my nails are fake because they see a "second nail" underneath, that is not a nail. It's SKIN! The skin is called the hyponychium (google it). It's a very important skin that is located underneath the nail. It acts as a protectant for the nail bed, and prevents any infections from occurring. My nails are 100% natural and real; I would never try to deceive my viewers. Thank you so much for watching!! Much love 🙂

  2. If i had your nails i would be tapping ON EVERYTHING

  3. Plzzz give me tips on how to stop biting nails plzzzzz

  4. They’re so pretty they look like acrylics😯❤️

  5. Everybody in comment section talking about how they don't like their nails
    Me: why'd she scoop the vaseline like that….😫

  6. Me watching this with already really long natural nails 👁👄👁

  7. I came here for a home remedy to grow my nails because I’ve been trying to grow them out for 3 years and they haven’t gotten past one millimeter :((((((((((

  8. 3:32 you can see that her real nail is under and she is wearing nails

  9. What products do you recommend that are non-toxic? I have sensitive nails & have to use the 5-free+ polishes.

  10. i hate when something goes under your nail and the white bit goes down

  11. How much does the nail lamp cost

  12. omg she’s filing all wrong 😫 you’re meant to file using one stroke at a time, not continuously back and forth like that because it prevents breakage. when you file in a sawing motion, the edge can feel rough because you filed in 2 directions and can look messy when applying nail polish. always file one stroke at a time so that it’s gentler on the nail and absolutely no breakage occurs.

  13. I could never grow long nails🤣

  14. If my nails were this long my school would force me to cut them cuz they wouldn't believe they are real xD

  15. am i the only one that cuts my nails ;-;

  16. looks at my short bitten nails

  17. I've watched many many many nail care videos and your nails by far are PERFECT!!! HOW?!?

  18. I am a cosmetologist managing cosmetologist nail technician . As I have natural nails too I really appreciated this The only thing is at no time with any kind of a nail file should you ever go back and forth. It compromises the integrity of the nails where it will split.

  19. I don't even think my nail will grow because I'm biting them🙃

  20. You have beautiful nails
    Where do I buy the kiss double up top gel?
    Thank you

  21. I don’t have Vaseline, coconut oil, or cuticle oil

  22. My job prevents me from maintaining my nails. Once they reach a certain length they’re more prone to break because I work too much with my hands 🥺

  23. 0:12 dey r surely DUPLICATE…..INDEX FINGER…..

  24. Don’t glue your nails back together, it will never repair itself. Once your nail has detached, just clip it off.

  25. I can't find the Led Lamp in stock. Any alternatives?

  26. You said you were not advertising the kiss product but you used the lamp and top coat in that brand. Really?!?!

  27. When the high pitched sound came on i thought someone had put the tea kettle on at 1:30 IN THE MORNING 😂

  28. I thought you were going to teaching us how to make your nails long

  29. Me: biting my nails while watching this

  30. Do you push back your nail cuticles? Or anything else special to your nails? More nail videos pleaseeee

  31. Yes my nails are long but I need it longer Hehe to stab my friends

  32. yass i can finally grow nails my mom: *cuts nail every monday*

  33. I wish my nails were not weak. The slightest bit of length I grow, they easily break😭

  34. How did you shape your nails. I like them

  35. My nails don't grow because I bite them😢😢😢😅😅

  36. Omg the nails look filthy Ewwwww clean them

  37. Ewwww gross why you want to grow it if you can buy it it's unhealthy to grow your nails so long

  38. I cant help it. I bite my nails!! 😭

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