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How to Choose the Right Nail Shape for Your Fingers

Hey, girls – here some great tools from Amazon for nail care, go check them out: https://amzn.to/35vJrSh —— What are the most used nail shapes? ..and how do …



  1. What nail shapes do you like? What kind is best for your personality? Write in the comments below:

  2. Wayment, 2:23 sounds like cokeheadish nature ???????????? im dying

  3. My nails are almond shape even if I don't give them form

  4. I'm doing nail arts too.. visit my channel.. tysm ❤

  5. What a lie…. I have super long pointy nails…. I do dishes I do all house work…and have daughter…. . The trick is gloves people….

  6. if you want to grow your nails shinny must watch this video its superb https://youtu.be/M1nPuUyaQxs

  7. Funny I always choose square and the description was me ????

  8. I want round nail but i cant


    IT SAYS "how to choose the right nail shape for your 'fingers'" FINGERS!!

    You didn't even mentioned about finger type of matching nail shapes w them ಠ_ʖಠ

  10. 1 of the dumbest things I ever watched

  11. Does anyone have oval shaped nails on their thumbs and the rest are square shaped????

  12. I don’t want it to match my personality. I just don’t want square nails. Lol

  13. Almond are the most feminine and classic.

  14. My favorite are squaval, I'm afraid I'm going to hurt someone having stiletto like when carrying a baby

  15. Well that's was…n't helpful at all.

  16. Let’s do fun
    Shoes glue and fake nails Hack idea on my account.. thank you ????

  17. I use to have stiletto nails (naturally) cause I took care of them, they didn’t break until someone slapped me so I slapped them back ???? but I did a lot of work since my siblings were too lazy, so that definitely debunks the dishes part ????.

  18. Now i wonder how Kylie Jenner wipes her ass with her long nails

  19. This is very helpful indeed. Which nail shape will help me pass my Turing test? It is tomorrow. Please wish me good luck.

  20. SQUOVAL is best ???? Almond looks like my Grandma's nails and my moms nails. Square can look trashy. So Squoval is perfect. Plus, thats the shape our nails naturally grow.

  21. Ballerina is nOT COFFINNNNNN !!!

  22. The narrator sounds like a computer

  23. Me with stiletto nails handling children and working

  24. P.S. Having a certain nail shape doesn't change your "Feminine-ness" or beauty. Y'all ladies are fine asf no matter what ily

  25. What is the song played in the background ?

  26. All this work on a video just to have an electronic voice ????

  27. I have many shaped nails on a single hand

  28. I am such a square nail woman. I decide to try others but end up squared.

  29. My nails are somewhat between almond and stiletto (I actually wanted the mountain peak shape). Next time I'm getting them even pointier.

  30. I got bitten nails they r so usefull kskdkd

  31. Mine are square shape. Yes I'm very conservative spot on thx. Next! I was look for more of a color to use for my personality. Etc…

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