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DIY PEDICURE AT HOME // Relaxing ASMR Pedicure for Rough Feet, Dry Skin

struggling with dry cracked soles? this pedicure is as simple as it gets and requires minimal tools. DIY PEDICURE FOR BEGINNERS …



  1. How do you get your cuticle cutter to cut? I just spent 30$ on some and they dont cut:(

  2. But if you remove all the skin, don’t you get blisters later?

  3. جميل جدا مشكورة

  4. I do my fiancee feet during quarantine

  5. Watching this as I get my feet ready to do my own pedicure

  6. I get a creepy satisfaction from watching the cuticles being cur

  7. لو الترجمه للعربي افضل

  8. لو الترجمه للعربي افضل

  9. I just wanna know is the scrub edible? ????????????

  10. No one:

    People with a footfetish:????

  11. This beautiful Caramel Women really take Dam good care of her self .

  12. Please do a video ????

  13. Not as nice as when I could do it in bali on holiday and relaxing with additional of free herbal tea or healthy juice. Hmmmm those memories so surreal

  14. Great ideo for DIY pedi

  15. ????????????????????????????

  16. I am a guy and for the first time other than clip toe nails I have not done anything about my feet they feel loads better after only a brief file up going to look into this

  17. I love your pale white looking bare feet soles and natural toe nails!

  18. I got a food ad just before this????????????????

  19. I love that she showed all the flaws ❤

  20. I thought this was a tutorial whoops! But still a good videoo????

  21. 1st of all… the music is so relaxing lol this video is a vibe! Amazon pls hurry with my things! 😀

  22. You should see my face when you are cutting your cuticle…. ????

  23. Is hard for me to do my pedicure at home, because I have to bend my back… And I have problem with my lumbar . sometimes… I trying my best… :'(

  24. I'm watching this while I'm eating ice cream…jajaja

  25. ????????????please share your scrub recipie

  26. I love the music..Great video????????

  27. What kind of salt she use in video

  28. I hate the beats of the music tapping in my ears

  29. ???????????????????? new here and in already in love????

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