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DIY Healthy Natural Nail Care Routine at Home | NO CRAZY TOOLS NEEDED!

Hey! In this video I’m going to sharing with you my nail care routine for maintaining healthy natural nails! YOU’LL LIKE THIS TUTORIAL …



  1. I'm currently watching this because I'm planning on joining volleyball-

  2. I love this look, I’ve been using No 7 nail polish in Pink Meringue shade, for the same neutral look. Xx ????

  3. My nails are white why yours are Yellow? ????

  4. Love this it was exactly what I was looking for but what shade is the actual nail polish

  5. Yes I also have my right hand has shorter nails than the left

  6. I don't find long nail beds attractive, it actually looks weird, you right hand is just fine.

  7. You don’t trust yourself with cuticle nippers but you use that gargantuan nail clipper? Nail clipper. For nails. Not teeny cuticles.

  8. oof watching you remove ur cuticle was sooo satisfying

  9. My sister has moms hand on one side and dads hand on the other

  10. Is it bad to dry the nail polish with the uv light? Or whatever light that is called idk. The blue light

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  12. جميل جداً شكراً ♥️

  13. same! my right nail are awful than my left

  14. My school doesn’t allow manicure ‏ɵ̷̥̥᷄ˬɵ̷̥̥᷅ so I. Always try to make them as shiny as possible without manicure

  15. Im 100% sure that you dont wash dishes :))

  16. how do people have such nice long nails, like the base part…mine are short. maybe its genetics and pushing back the cuticles

  17. OMG Ok i bite my nails since i was like BROUGHT OUT TO THE WORLD So im not used to having something on top of my skin on my fingers where usually people have grown their nails there but me i NEVER Had nails under there then i stopped biting for like 2 weeks and everyday i would put my teeth under there cuz im not used to having my nails there HOW DO I STOP THISSSS

  18. You have very nice nails but not perfect.

  19. Why do ppl push back cuticles

  20. I wish my nails looked like your’s . I have such childish hands.

  21. You said no crazy tools needed but using a lot of tools!

  22. me: * tries to grow nails and puts some nail polish on *
    my mom: * makes me do the dushes 5 times a day *
    my nails:

  23. Her using the cuticle pusher I would use the back but of ma nail clipper

  24. Cringing at you cutting your skin with nail clippers! Omg. The cuticle oil comes in a pin? You mean a pen?

  25. Yoshikage Kira wants to know your location

  26. My insecurity is that I used to bite my nails and I stopped. So I need to grow them out now

  27. Tip: always file your nails in one direction only that way it will prevent weak nails ????????

  28. My nails are not even close to her nails

  29. Is that not a tools your using?


  31. The before isn't even gross looking 🙁

  32. I highly recommend using body sugar scrub on your hands

  33. And there's me always biting my nails

  34. Came across your video. Purchased London cuticle remover and it worked perfectly. Thank you!

  35. What is the color used for the polish??

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