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COME WITH ME to get a PEDICURE – Olive&June (famous LA nail salon) | INMYSEAMS

M O R E I N F O B E L O W ___ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D Olive & June Pasadena 146 S Lake Ave Pasadena CA 91101 Nail Tech: Jessie Price: …



  1. I love your disclaimer but funny thing is I been texting this girl come to find out she has a major foot fetish ???? guess it’s not just a “strange men” thing ???????????? jk lol

  2. I just got a pedicure and I recommended it so much because when you have a ingrown toenail and any other thing that hurts your toe they always fix it.

  3. Is this regular pedicure service? What the salon usually do for regular pedicure? Thank you

  4. She looks alot like remi from remlife

  5. Does the cubical part hurt and removing the acess skin or whatever i see being removed…if that made sense lol…if no one minds me asking?

  6. I wanna get a pedicure but I feel like I’ll laugh through the whole thing I’m ticklelish????

  7. I want to go get a pedicure but my feet are not that pretty so I get scared if pet are gonna talk bad about them

  8. Covid is making my own ????????????

  9. Ok ya I need your help. So I have never had a pedicure before thinking about getting one tho summer is around the corner. So they basically scrub trim and all that right? After they add nail polish right? Is it normal polish or is it gel polish? Also around how much do you pay? Thx hope some one can help me

  10. How long does this nail polish last?! Was this gel nail polish? Does it cost more if you get more coats?!

  11. I know I’m so late lol, but I’m getting my first pedicure super soon and I’m nervous for whatever reason. If someone could give some tips or an idea of what to expect I’d greatly appreciate it!

  12. So ugly nasty feet….????????????????????

  13. Seee a podiatrist says u have bunions …. ewwwww nasty ugly feet…

  14. gurl your fav part is my most hated part! It’s too uncomfortable

  15. good review as the "vibe" is important… and the massage is truly important. But looks like they did an excellent job!

  16. please…. please remove the hair… Ladies if you have hair on your toes, it just looks like you have male feet.
    We males loves your female bodyparts, we absolutely love it, but when something looks manly, you lost us forever.

  17. I’m curious. How much was the cost of the pedi?

  18. I am aprofessional foot kisser, so contact me. I work nationwide. I'm a member of the PFK of A

  19. I work at a nail salon and I see feet everyday. Your feet looks fine and normal.

  20. I couldn’t stay focused bc I was staring at her toe hair lol

  21. You're safe Janette because My fetish is T & A, but I have to say your feet looked very nice and sensual afterwards,????

  22. Yall she was late, life happens.

  23. Very rude intro and my god those are some Nasty feet!

  24. I’m here cause I have a foot fetish

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  26. Says all the people with foot fetishes to get out

    When “strange men” have cuter feet

  27. She forgot to apply base cot dear!????

  28. Nail Tech ????????‍♀️
    You’re a dick for being late.

  29. I’m sorry your feet ugly doe ????????

  30. Just because some people have feet fetishes doesn't mean they're weird and/or strange

  31. You're a dumbass, talking about people being strange.

  32. I'm like sorry, but like I can't stand like listening to people say like the word "like" every couple of like words in like a sentence.

  33. I must admit you have beautiful feet

  34. U r ugly lookalike a man ????????????????

  35. Salon use something and it makes rose color in feets.who knows wht it is

  36. you have gorgeous feet !

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