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Beginner Nail Tech | How To Shape Nails | Acrylic Nail Tutorial

The most awaited video is finally here! Learn how I shape nails! Hope this video helps anyone that may be struggling. Join my Membership: …



  1. Where did you get that fake hand?

  2. I cant figure out acrylic for the life of me

  3. Great tutorial, love it!?

  4. Hi we did you get the practice hand

  5. Thank you for all the great tips get it tips but no seriously thank you ?

  6. The fake hand used… It's so much like a real hand.
    What is it called and where can I buy it?

  7. What practice hand do you use???

  8. I saw a glimpse of this beginners guide n settled 2 watch it, thank u so much 4 yr advice but also sayin that its ok 2 work a shape differently. I found that reassurin as every1 works their own way but get the same results, thank u so much xxxx

  9. Where did you get the nail hand trainer from?

  10. This helps so much!! You teach so clearly it’s so easy to understand

  11. good luck everyone on your nails !

  12. On this mannequin hand did the nails come with it already on or did you have to put those on to I would love to be able to order a hand with the nails already on it to practice more can you tell me where to order the hand that has the nails on them or if you had to put it on ???? .when you go to beauty School many times the mannequin hands don't have nails on it and it's hard to glue them to stay on to be able to put other chips on it thank you so much ???

  13. Thank you so much for this video ?. What's the difference between coffin and ballerina bc the words and shapes seem to be interchangeable a lot of times?

  14. where did you get the practice hand? xx

  15. that's the same way I do almond sometimes rounder sometime pointer but most of the times the same as that…. my almond shape and tapered square is my go to

  16. Where did you get youre Manikin hand?

  17. Which shape are you wearing ❤️? love your nails !!

  18. I am 53 and wanted to do nails, signed up for school only for it to be canceled due to the virus ! I am so thankful you share you’re techniques. I have bought so many things I know nothing about lol. Have my nail studio in my home. If there is anything you can advise me on it is greatly appreciated ❤️

  19. Thank you so much ! Perfection!

  20. I had to really look for the difference between coffin and tapered but then you explained it amazingly and I cant unsee the difference. THANK YOU FOR THIS

  21. Me encanta tus trabajos ??❤️❤️❤️?????? saludos desde Puerto Rico ??

  22. I like Short almond acrylics

  23. I can't tell you how many times I've heard you say be careful while using a hand file, I totally slipped and cut my thumb yesterday doing poly gel for the first time. It was terrible and still hurts… Other then that my husband said I did a really great job for it being my first time, and I want to give credit to you and the other lady's that I watch and follow. ????

  24. Thank you, I requested this video was so helpful, I from Jamaica ????

  25. Vee you’re beautiful girl! Thanks for educating me sooooo much! I picked up nails while in esthetics school and I felt dumb! I thought it was a waste of time but now I’m OBSESSED with nails and I’m becoming better and better! So glad I took the nail class

  26. You make it look so easy lol. I used to always do my own back in the day, when it was mainly just white tips & one shape. Since I’ve got older I’ve been going to a salon (should have left a while ago) always asked for coffin but they were just big and square. They don’t seem to have any idea how to do other shapes. Have stopped going, my daughter used to take me once a month and treat me as I struggle to do my own sure to illness. However after nails lifting etc & I’ve watched your videos & some others I’ve learnt so much. I have all the stuff to do my own & hopefully will be ok. Just worried about doing my dominant hand lol. I also thought I always wanted almond now I’m older I think it looks classy, but (I know it’s your interpretation ) but the thumb is what I pictured. I love the length & feel definitely looks better on me than coffin now. So fingers crossed I can do it. It’s a pity when I go on your links it’s not applicable to the UK so I have to photo them & go on UK site, I’m sure there are some fab nail techs in the Uk, unfortunately I haven’t come across them yet. Anyway, after this babbling message just want to say thanks for taking the time to show all the different aspects. It really does help when your learning & you explain it so well. I wish you all the best & if your ever in the UK please come and do my nails ??. X

  27. Would I be able to find one of those hands on Amazon? ???

  28. Can I ask you a question that I hope you can help with,I have difficulty get the tips to adhere to my nails sometimes. I am thinking that I have oily nail beds so wipe with alcohol but I still struggle, this happens particularly when I use well less tips, do you have any suggestions thank you

  29. Vee I have someone and I do her nails but every time I do them her cuticles bleed and I put the drill as low as it can go and I do it softly but they still bleed can you give me your advice

  30. I see a lot mention the hand. And to be honest I think she molded her own hand and built the mound for it. They have kits on Amazon for it. Great video BTW ??

  31. link to the silicone hand ?

  32. I’ve been binge watching you bc I ordered nail stuff yesterday and today!!:

  33. This is something I struggle with. Thanks for the info!?

  34. Where can I get that tape that you are using to stick the nails to the trainer hand

  35. I’m watching this as if I’m not going to the nail salon next week… I- ??

    This is mad relaxing for some reason. I think it’s your voice.

  36. What kind of nail file is that and where did you get it?

  37. I appreciate the fact that you slowed the shaping down and you wasn't fast. I am finally able to see exactly how to angle the file and not over file the free edges of the natural nail. You are the first one I found that I am able to understand. Been struggling with my coffin/ballerina! Again thank you!

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