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Acrylic Nails Tutorial | Nails For Beginners | Acrylic Application | Nails shapes | Materials

Items needed to do a full set of acrylic nails 1) cuticle pusher Satin Edge Rubber Grip Cuticle Pusher and Spoon Nail Cleaner, 8 Ounce …



  1. Great video! Very detailed????????????????????!

  2. Thankyou so much for this video !!! I feel confident starting my nail journey now . I will use your videos for guidance❤️

  3. This is one of the BEST tutorial I have ever seen. She is so detailed and informative and her demonstration flow was well organised???? Subscribed!

  4. Anyone else watching while doing their acrylic nails? No, Just me? K ????????????

  5. was it just me or am I the only one who wanted to see her paint the nails and put a shiny top coat on it!?

  6. Im learning how to do nails and this helped me so so much thank you

  7. what nail tips did you use?

  8. Thank ???????? you ???????? !!!!!!!

  9. Nobody:
    Me: trying to count how many times she said litterly

  10. What number sanding bands do you use when filing on the acrylic.

  11. I love how you’re nice and slow but also fast at the same time, you’re not at a snails pace and you’re not at the speed of light you’re at the perfect time! it’s perfect for me to learn with x

  12. You help me a lot I love you ❤️

  13. I really enjoyed watching this I’m a beginner and using YouTube to teach myself thanks so much for your help I’m going through all your videos if u would have time to send them me would be helpful lol don’t want to miss any thanks ???? again ????

  14. I literally love your videos they help so well

  15. Me: I wanna make now acryl nails

    Aliexpress: in like 3 months you have your stuff

  16. Just wasting our time for this ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  17. Literally because of quarantine I’ve ordered all the important aryclic nail kit stuff and I’ve watched your videos like 17 times already you’re so good at nails

  18. Thank you so much this helped a lot I have all the stuff I just want to learn right no cause I’m doing it on my fake hand on Sunday thank you a lot????????????

  19. You did good but you talk to much????????????????.

  20. Im likeing this method i hope it works for me ive been struggling applying my acrylic on practice hand ???????? frustrating ???? im going to try this method the nails either turn out too thick or bumpy lastnight i practice and i gave up for the night my tips werent gluing right either ????on practice hand ???????? so im going to try these helful tips ❤️ i spent over $500 i cant give up now going to keep practicing ❤️

  21. I seen your video for beginners. I have a question regarding filling the nails with a regular filler or should it be with a electric filler??


  23. I’m not even aloud to have fake nails period let alone acrylics but I still watch these kinds of videos…

  24. the nail salons are going run out of business cause we all doing our own nails.

  25. Watching so I can come outta quarantine with a new flex ???????? ????

  26. Thank u so much for this video u explain so well thank u again

  27. I Just Practiced On My Thumb While Watching This And I Did A Pretty Good Job. Thank You ????????????

  28. Can you do a video using stuff you got off amazon .. ?

  29. Ur not supposed to drag acrylic product tho

  30. Thanks so much for helping us, @Natali ???? also, your voice reminds me of Tabytha Scott whose videos I also love.

  31. When I apply the acrylic I cannot move it down the nail without it drying and it seems like my brush dries fast or something

  32. Who here in 2020 and trying to do there nails in quarantine.. ????????????????????

    Thanks so much for the likes btw ❤

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