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5 Quick Easy Fall Nail Art Designs || KELLI MARISSA

JOIN THE GALAXY GANG!!! http://bit.ly/galaxygang Hey guys! Today I decided to try something new – five quick and easy fall nail art designs in one video!



  1. I don’t really like the second design but really well done

  2. Am I the only one who cant even put on a regular color without it all over me??

  3. Great ideas!!!! Thanks for sharing. I kept drawing blanks when I wanted to figure out an autumn???????? design….so thanks for the inspiration. ☺

  4. what’s the songs name?

    great vid btw

  5. A mix of this with the occasional voiceover w/ tips and techniques fading into calm music like this? 🙂

  6. I love these designs…But, I have to know, The name of the artist for the music that you used. ?

  7. These are beautiful!! I just found your channel. My nails are a similar length but i find my difficult to “cap the tip of your nail” it gets all over my fingertip lol how have you dealt with that?!

  8. Love these! Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Great, quick designs, and I love the relaxing guitar music ❤

  10. Just did the first one as an accent nail today and it looks oh so cool, with the rest of my nails in the brown. Not a fan of Fall but this works for me!

  11. Beautiful! Gonna try these

  12. Love the nail art ❤️❤️????????????

  13. I don't get all the hate. I love seeing so many ideas in one video. I like the voice overs for complicated nail art.

  14. I loved the dotted one, I’m definitely going to try it.

  15. Thank you Kelli, Great music!

  16. Absolutely loving the dotted tip! Definitely gonna try that one out! Also, totally in love with this music!! You’re AMAZING!!

  17. Great video, Kelli! Love these designs!

  18. YouTube is being a brat and not letting me like this video. But I do like it! Although I like the talkie talkie thing. Especially sense you have such a calming voice. LoL

  19. Hi Kelli! I always love your videos because of your shy and goofy personality so I was slightly disappointed not to have your lovely voice and face to guide me today! But this was quickly forgotten about as i was engulfed in the beautiful acoustic instruments weaving together harmoniously and was just once again admiring this magical creature that is you…would you please be kind enough to reply to me with the credits for the music in the background of this video? I would love that. Also I would like to thank you because as a transsexual who is in the middle of the woods in NorCal I don't have many girls around who can teach me the little tricks and do so while making me smile and/or laugh and generally just really making me feel like I have a sister or a close friend hanging out with me! It has seriously brought me out of the start of a bad day now a few different times just putting you on so I can feel like I am not alone but spending time with a trusted friend and have been meaning to tell you all this and didn't really have the nerve to reach out and put it down in words until I got sucked in by the guitarwork in this video. I have been studying classical guitar since I was five so that makes it about 30 years or so now that I have been attempting to play. ???? thanks again for all the videos and all your awesomeness…please try and give more foundation tips and dont be afraid to assume that least one of your biggest fans is a tranny who is interested in learning color correcting and concealing my five oclock shadow with makeup so i am sure there has got to be other viewers like myself who found you so just throwing that out there. ???? ok i am already rambling…thanks for everything you do Kelli!

  20. Kelli, I forgot to ask what is the name of the music or group playing the music if you can list it?

  21. This video is REMARKABLE!! I love it!!

  22. I do like the guitar music, but I missed hearing you speak. My faves were the dots at the beginning, the orange-to-red gradient in the middle, and the kind of silvery birch at the end!

  23. This is a nice change- I just hope you continue to do your "Talkies" and add these types of videos every once in a while just for a little change of pace. Come on, you know we watch cuz we love ya, not just strictly nail art. Lol- know we've talked about being a loner but you're not getting off that easy 🙂

  24. Great job! I like all of these and now I want to do a thanksgiving dotticure or a diagonal nail.

  25. Favorites were 3 and 4. Liked the music but missed your smiling face and listening to what you're saying. You always make me feel happy. Wish we could bottle you and make you into a happy pill. Wouldn't we have a happier world? ????

  26. So elegant and pretty! You have the most interesting nail art ideas! Thank you for the inspiration Kelli ♡

  27. Kelli,the gradient was beautiful! Definitely my favorite. Every gradient you do is amazing….Kelli the queen of gradients ???? I like the music but miss you talking too so I'm torn haha Great video ????

  28. Thanks for more great nail art Kelli!

  29. Anyone else find live swatches or nail art so relaxing and satisfying? Love it!

  30. Beautifully recorded and lovely designs.

  31. I love the gradient! Doing that tomorrow night for sure ???? I also love the brown and silver dry brush

  32. The no talking is messing with my mind!

  33. I agree with everyone else about the music! It's wonderful! And the doticure is my favorite!!

  34. I like the good old gradient the most

  35. It's fantastic!! Thank you

  36. The camo was my fav followed by the dry brush design. I don't like the elevator music, I much prefer YOU! ????????

  37. Love ya!! Super awesome videos. Have you tried American gelous nail Polish ? Its like having gel nails. I've seen a few reviews and many people love it

  38. I finally invested in a good quick dry glossy taco but it makes my nail art bleed. Is this normal?

  39. I want to see your face….????????

  40. Music is great. Thank you having something more relaxed. I enjoyed it and the nail art

  41. Stunning ! Thanks for this Fall Inspiration *!* You really know what's what. Cheers to you Kelli ….
    Suse & Crew Vancouver Island BC CANADA ~*~

  42. Love it (and the music was very nice on top of it all)! Do you think that last one would work w/ a fan brush? Just a thought.

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