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5 Easy Nail Art Designs for SHORT NAILS (Holosexuals) | PART #1

WOW I DID SOME NAIL ART ON A NAIL ART CHANNEL FOR ONCE *clap clap clap* ——- WATCH PART 2!: http://bit.ly/ShortNailArts2 NAIL FUNERAL: …



  1. Can we talk about the nail art rather than the size of the nail?

  2. It's funny how her short nail are my long nails…

  3. Then: My nails are yellow
    Now : Yes my nails are yellow get over it

  4. HOLO WAP????????????????????

  5. Who else thought that the stripes were black before you found out it was just a dark purple

  6. Her short nails was my bigger one's ????????

  7. Came here after breaking my nail ????????

  8. Cristine: my nails are short????
    Me: looks at my nails and cry’s in holo
    My names dont even go past my finger tips

  9. I love how she is on 7.6 million now

  10. I’m a violinist so my nails are extra short

  11. She said “glossy top coat” ????

  12. “The ugliest one”

    Bish escuse me?

  13. If I had the length of those nails I would be like OMG my nails are soooo long

  14. did she say “top coat” or “taco”? cuz i heard “top coat”


  15. casually looking for the lesbian nail artists

  16. Anyone else watching this in quarantine and wishing you'd been there since the beginning? Like, Cristine talks some shit about herself, but this bitch is MAD TALENTED

  17. Melanie martinez ????❤️

  18. She gon' need this again????

  19. Y'all I have REALLY short nails (I play instruments) and I still do nail art without acrylics or anything like that. You can do nail art no matter the length!

  20. SHORT! Mine aren't even touching my finger tip Lol

  21. Funny her short nails are longer than my nails have ever been and ever will be…

  22. I’m honestly jealous of how long her nail beds are because mine are stubby

  23. 2:50 omg I do this all the time when I’m waiting for my nails to dry lol
    Melanie is my number one forever I refuse to listen to anything else ???? ❤️ I’m fr

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