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100 EASY nail ideas! | HUGE nail art compilation

My second channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwU-RKHmGdsR3ikhFTZdMKw/featured Today I have a 100 easy nail ideas! So a few days ago I …



  1. Is there no one who is gonna talk about she is having a red fingeeeeeer 7:26

  2. When u have erbs palsy on ur left arm and have to use it to do the other hand like : ????

  3. Omg WAIT how does she get it to look matte ????????????

  4. estan bonitas las uñas modelos hermosos

  5. What uu use that golden lines

  6. good video
    want to be friend?

  7. I want nice nail brush.where can I buy this ? Which page from ?

  8. If you guys watch Pearson the YouTuber this is her intro song

  9. Wait that's piersons intro????

  10. Please link your glitter collection. It's mesmerizing

  11. I love glitter so much untill it's time to remove them.

  12. Can someone tell me where to find some glitter, the really tiny brush that you put the glitter on with, the net thing and the polka dot tool thing?????

  13. This is 29 minutes of relaxation and fun! Great video girl! Really dig the music selection and these designs are so beautiful! Can't wait to try some of them out, especially since using nail tape isn't my forte so this motivates me to keep at it. (I watched your do's and don'ts videos on using the tape, super helpful!)

  14. Bonjour pourquoi je n’arrive pas à avoir le même résultat

  15. I love to paint my nails all the time great channel you have

  16. what is that thing you use to make the lines
    those thin strips like thing ???????????

  17. Are these regular nail polish or gel?

  18. Ya patly tape keha sa melage

  19. Buenas tardes para quitar la cinta hay que esperar a que seque ?

  20. Whats pink stuff that has a peeling off?

  21. Who else is glad top coat was invented ?????¿?

  22. Hi babys, I loved it. In my channel I also have many nail designs, which you will love. come and visit it ❤

  23. So good but the left hand is going to be terrible for me

  24. สวยทุกอัน????????????????????????

  25. Ilike this very nice ????????????????

  26. I would love to know where she got that tape and what brand it is! If anyone knows PLEASE tell me (:

    Бесплатный вебинар


  28. Nice video and music ????????????????????

  29. هي كل التعليقات انجلش

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