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????How To Pedicure Extremely Calloused Feet – The Most Difficult Toes I Have Worked On????

This video is about How To Pedicure Extremely Calloused Feet – The Most Difficult Toes I Have Worked On In today’s video you will see the most difficult feet I …



  1. I saved this one up for tonight and was not disappointed. I hope we’ll get the other foot soon.

  2. Vieja cochina por que no husa guantes que falta de profecionalismo.

  3. Los guantes???? para cuando, bioseguridad.????????????

  4. If she’s in the Orlando area, she could check out “The Neaten Nail Bar” she also uses imperial feet products

  5. Do you throw away the ceramic bits when you’re done?

  6. Amiga, sigo seu canal há um tempo, e ainda não consigo entender pq não usa luvas… ????????‍♀️

  7. How did we end up here, YouTube?

    Can't say I'm mad though.

  8. como ela consegue fazer essas unhas sem usar uma luva???? é isso que me incomoda

  9. Gente, ela não usa luvas!!! As unhas estão cheias de fungos!!!

  10. This is really jaw dropping. Great job Lori!

  11. You’re so gentle and comforting! She must’ve felt so much relief after just one visit with you . The toe whisperer

  12. People take care of your parents feet

  13. Amazing just simply amazing!

  14. Can someone explain to me how does ur feet get to that point ? And this isn’t hate I’m just very curious honestly what causes this

  15. No entiendo ingles. Pero no deberia usar guantes??? Le puede pasar una infección a la pedicurista.

  16. Did she ever say why she let her feet go so long with out caring for them?

  17. It never ceases to warm my heart when you offer caring touches to your client's feet. It's an act of acceptance that means SO MUCH! ????

  18. Ahh I wished I lived closer to you, I want a pedicure from you.

  19. Great video!
    What is the name of the nail polish you are wearing?
    Your nails look amazing!

  20. Don't get mad at me I'm just asking innocently… No gloves?

  21. Why aren’t you wearing gloves?

  22. Watching the transformation of her feet is just as satisfying as vacuum lines in the carpet! ????

  23. I wanted to see you do the other foot! lol Looks so much better!!

  24. Just wondering why you don't wear gloves? Doesn't the cuticle remover damage your polish?

  25. U NEED to be teaching at a college.


  27. My husband is trying to treat ingrown toenails on both his big toes, and from watching your videos I have been able to tell him what he needs to do. He won't let me touch his feet but I'm going to try the towel trick and see if he can tolerate me working on them for him. I'm a nurse and I've seen patients with feet like this, but they won't let us trim toenails any more so we just have to let it go, which I hate.

  28. Lord Help Her!!! I know the feet can hurt really bad!!! #TakeCareYourFeet

  29. What causes the nail to build a calus like that and how to stop it.

  30. Definitely a problem many Floridians get. We’re either barefoot or in sandals. Lol. The callous I get on my big toes gets very thick. I used to cut it with scissors when I was a kid. Clearly I need help ????. I can’t stand lotions so they just stay thick until I have the time to get a pedicure. That’s not often unfortunately ????????‍♀️

  31. That is bananas!!! It doesn’t even look like the same foot after!!! I can only imagine this woman’s relief! I’m so glad she got to see you!

  32. Why would a wart have sent her home?

  33. Olá .. quero saber das luvas ê necessário pata sua segurança

  34. The end result was amazing! She won’t need bigger shoes now and hopefully finds someone in FLA that can do just as great of job or close to yours ( doubt it) but she will need to have them maintained. Great job Lori

  35. Why is this so relaxing to watch ???? a wonderful job!! ♥️

  36. Vai colocar uma luva mulher!!!

  37. You are so compassionate..it sets you apart from the rest along with your being meticulous

  38. I'm a diabetic would a pedi can't afford on social security

  39. Ok, you’re a miracle worker ????????

  40. Your work is fantastic again!

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