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???? Pedicure Tutorial: Satisfying Toenail Transformation ????

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  2. Amei aprender com você..????

  3. You should wear gloves next time love

  4. How do you prevent getting fungus on your nails?

  5. The goopy part it’s my favorite part ????????????

  6. Ummmm… the stuff underneath her nail!

  7. Whirsch fluid do you use for the nails?

  8. What were you putting on her feet in the droplets. I know one was cuticle remover. What was the other

  9. I LOVE the water sound it’s so. Satisfying

  10. How and y did it get to this point? ????

  11. Watching again. I just love watching the transformations.

  12. Où sont les gants jetables? L'hygiène c'est la base sérieux

  13. Hi, did you see this lady again?

  14. Why do people feel the need to dislike a video… I mean it’s there right but at the same time it’s pointless

  15. I searched for this… SO SATISFYING

  16. The hoop in this one is the best !!

  17. her: It's going to be gooby so if u don't like that u can skip, i told u it going to be
    Me: oh hunny u don't get it im here for the gooby, and the gooby only

  18. hi i love your videos and i always watch them . im diabetic and i dont go to salon often to do some pedicure coz im scared it might cause me problems like infections so i do my own pedicure at home im a teacher so i need to keep my toenails clean always otherwise ill have a sore feet after long hours of work my question is where can i get good tools to clean my nails and how much will it cost for the whole.set . do you ship to amman jordan ? thank you

  19. My lawwwwwd????????????

  20. Those suckers need to just come off

  21. This was one of your most interesting videos.

  22. Did she ever have a follow up?

  23. I think what you are doing in these videos is amazing. People don't ask to get messed up toenails and when they do they probably feel embarrassed and ashamed. My grandma was 100 when she passed and I struggled to keep her toenails from causing her pain, I wish you were around back them, she passed in 2001. Keep up the amazing work you are doing and helping people, no one wants their feet to hurt, ever. Thank you !

  24. I won't do this without gloves.
    Would u?

  25. Lori it’s so rewarding to see her beautiful feet transform please keep us posted as always great job thank you so much for all your hard work and changing so many lives including mine

  26. i just want to know where the followup video is ???? idk why i can’t find it

  27. Was anyone else's toes feeling that sense of relief from when she got the ingrown part of the nail out????

  28. So why do skin build up under the toenails like that

  29. How could you do this without gloves ????????????

  30. I hope that the client feels much better now that you made her feet better

  31. I always wondered why they never wear gloves

  32. To this day I wish Lori was able to get that hard nail piece growing under her big toe

  33. i was clipping my brothers toenails (sorry not trying to be weird it was a one-time thing )but he had an overgrown one it wasn't to overgrown but it was pressing on the skin of his toe and when i clipped it off i felt relieved myself

  34. Why couldn't you file her nails down they weren't thick?

  35. Скажите пожалуйста, зачем я это смотрю????

  36. Plot twist she isn’t using her hands, she’s using her feet Lmao

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