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♡ How To Create an Oval Nail Shape ♡

Oval Nail Shape ♡ If you’re not sure which nail file to use, I highly recommend a glass nail file (something like this: https://amzn.to/2xPXUgk ). It’s gentle on the …



  1. Very pretty hands, fingers and nails.

  2. That voice is extremely cute ??

  3. Omg, your voice is so cute, your nails and cuticles are so beautiful and that's a very useful video, it's perfect!

  4. Your voice is so nice thank u for the video so cuteeee

  5. thankyou sm for the tutorial!! this helped me so muchhhh!!

  6. how can i get of read of yellow stain from my nails…ur nails look so beautiful❤❤❤???

  7. It stresses me the fuck out how she talks

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  9. How to grow nails faster and stronger

  10. sooo that's why my fingers always hurt, I pretty much do everything wrong. I don't angle the file, I don't stop with the white part of the nail, I go down until it bleeds and I don't buff. Well then I actually learned something XD Thank you very much for making this video you're probably the one my poor hands have been waiting for XD

  11. Such a beautiful voice ❤️?

  12. You have such lovely and pretty nails ever i hope i could also have theses type of nails
    And i will ofcource follow your tip
    Thanks for sharing
    But please share that how to prevent ourselves from nailbiting
    Because its my habbit and i want to get rid of it???????
    It is actually spoiling my nails


  14. Your nails is very beautiful ???

  15. Why does the narrator sound like a 3 year old girl?! It felt like I’m watching cartoons!!

  16. Omg I love your nails! I realized why mine never looked as good! They were uneven ??‍♀️?

  17. Ur nails and hands are just awesome mam i luv it

  18. How often should I file my oval nails?

  19. Your vid is so helpful! My nails look cute instead of blocky lol

  20. I love the oval nail shape. I wish I could get my nails to grow long enough to do it.

  21. My biggest problem is that I bite my nails… I feel so guilty

  22. Tnx for this video I learn a lot an hoping to see more nail shapes from you ❣

  23. Where do we get Emery board

  24. Thank you! I love this video and your style!

  25. That's too girly for me..
    Just kidding lol thank you ❤️

  26. Omg her voice is soo cute ??

  27. Why is your voice so soothing?

  28. Wow what a beautiful and pretty nails I loved it ??????

  29. Finally someone who tell who to do when the nails aren't the same height on both side!

  30. Wait are you Minnnie from Cutepolish?

  31. Can you please do one on how to file round nails not oval but round

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